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unlike anything i've seen before now officially rotten audience reactions to seeing eraserhead in 1977 are you having a freakishly warm winter in your region so far? pick a movie - muppet game favourite books you read this year? reginal foster rip very strange ad exploding whale 50th anniversary, remastered! streaming on tubitv View all posts >


fred melamed - he's randomly popped up in some of my favourite movies, & he had a cool little role in wandavision. weyes blood - generation why i'd never heard of this woman until about 20 minutes ago, when i watched her perform this song in a wonderfully weird film called vhyes. i thought it was absolutely great! the fall are exactly what i want music to sound like. there are about 3 dozen songs that are cranky, miserable, ugly, repetitive perfection, but my favourite is new puritan. worst? eh..., they certainly had some poor stuff (not much though), but my least favourite would have to come from the period where they got a bit too smooth and bland in the early 90s. the title track to shiftwork is a good example. white worm & the devils are demented hoots and i love both of them. i love biking, but never in the winter. it's always seemed insanely hazardous to me. i parked my mountain bike all last year because i was tired of putting so much money into it every year. i am itching to get it fixed now & get out on the road come spring. i had canned tuna for lunch today, so i did indeed use a can opener for that. i buy canned crushed tomatoes regularly, and that's the only other thing i regularly use an opener for. it's very similar in some ways to the great 90s todd haines film 'safe' in the way it pokes around how a woman falls into self-destructive patterns due to a perceived emptiness in her domestic life. i don't think swallow is quite in the same league as safe, but they're almost sister movies in the way they take on that notion. let's take a moment to appreciate some of the great djokovic/nadal points: us open 2011 us open 2013 i have no great love for djokovic, but both of those guys are absolute warriors. i found that to be more the case in the 90s & early 2000s, maybe. the sampras era, basically. it all seemed to be about power then. & i definitely remember that being a time when the games were dull. obviously power still matters, but i think the last 16 or so years - the federer era if you wanna call it that - has given us some of the most amazing tennis on the men's side. the nadal/federer wimbledon finals in the late 2000s, that roddick/federer game, the 2012 and 2017 australian finales...those matches are amazing to me. all that said, i don't really follow the women's game at all, so i can't really comment on it one way or the other. i'll watch the finals in the major tournaments, but i definitely don't follow it the same way i do the men's game. tennis that's the only sport i really like, in that i'll follow what's happening & i'll sit and watch an entire game, follow tournaments, etc. i kinda like baseball, especially the way it can be broken down statistically so many ways, but i don't think i have the patience to sit through an actual game anymore. View all replies >