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if everyone could hear your thoughts? i kinda loved this good new short from the directors fantastic trash tubitv now on criterion my review cody clarke makes fun, weird, no budget films criterion channel october View all posts >


maybe. i doubt it. there are more effective ways of getting attention. & most people prefer not to make themselves look silly. they worry about appearing foolish & irrational. they have a sense of shame. even famous ones. if any person in your life said stuff like that, you'd be talking to their family & trying to get them lined up for a psych evaluation. do you mean his comments on the tests? nirvana is not for this world, but they actually do fine tune those tests to be as rigorous & fair as possible, & there are fairly simple statistical ways that you can tell if a specific question is biased against a specific group. i part ways with you on hating billionaires on principle, but otherwise i agree with every word you've posted here. oprah gave a huge audience to a lot of bad thinking. i completely agree with you on gibson. i haven't loved all his movies, but you have to respect him for making something like apocalypto, imo. who else would do something like that? i loved hacksaw ridge. i didn't expect to, & avoided it for the longest time, but when i finally did see it i thought it was just great. i listened to kim kardashian's interview on bari weiss's podcast, & i was genuinely impressed with what she's doing & how much genuine effort she's putting into criminal justice reform. i've never watched one of her shows & never will, i'm sure, but everything she said in her interview seemed 100% spot on & perfectly intelligent & well thought out. still pretty foxy in my books i have to admit the only south korean film i've seen that pre-dates the 90s is the housemaid (1960) - but i liked that a lot. have you seen it? have you seen asghar farhadi's films, & if so do you like them? i watched summer with monika this afternoon. i appreciated the way bergman unashamedly used his camera to ogle that actress. monika went from being a seemingly sweet, lovely swede to a feral monkey gnawing on a hunk of stolen beef pretty quickly! i enjoyed it quite a bit. like shame, it didn't quite line up with my existing notions of what a bergman film would be like. hornier than i expected. the pessimism was solidly in place though. if you mean european films, then maybe i'd go along with that, or at least consider it. i definitely don't share your belief (correct me i've got you wrong) that movie quality fell off a cliff after the 70s, but i can agree that they changed, and in lots of ways changed for the worse. but leaving europe aside, lots and lots of countries didn't really have well developed movie industries until the 60s or 70s. i don't think there were really any australian films of note until the 70s. there were canadian films, but nothing too notable until the 70s as well, i think. south korea definitely produced some stuff in the 50s and 60s, but you didn't really see a lot of widely available things coming out of there until the 90s, i believe. thailand and laos have only really started to get international distribution on their films in the past few decades. so i think i'd rather look at it more piecemeal. seems to me that, when i look in her eyes, i see a smoldering but very distinct streak of cruelty. maybe i just want that to be there. it makes me happy to imagine that. View all replies >