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He's keeping the money pouring in. That's what he does....he sucks money from people and will live high on the hog on their donations. THAT was tangible evidence....of what? When was the 'handoff' and what was supposed to have been on the USB? Why aren't they producing that evidence in court? What are they waiting for? But 10 additional seats is not 100 million votes. Still waiting for the '100 million' quote. And who said he'd win in a landslide? Scaramucci? He's one of yours so you deal with his addleheadedness. Others? There are always folks who'll project so and so will win in a landslide. Few do. But >300 EC votes ain't shabby. Quit whining about poor widdle Trumpy. If he can dish it out, he can take it. If not...he can hit the road jack...oh wait, I guess he is hitting the road. IF Biden taunts the media, he does so at his own peril....we'll see how it pans out. But...maybe, if someone is powerful enough, they can taunt the media and get away with it. Maybe the media might even be afraid of him. Seems most media was NOT afraid of Trump because despite his constant wailing and whining...they went after him mercilessly. likely cost him the election. So...I'll revise....IF you aren't powerful enough, taunt the media at your own peril. Since no presidential candidate has ever gotten close to 100 million votes nor has any ever been projected to, I'd say that's....hyperbole unless you can find a quote from a major not some nut on twitter or some comedian trying to be funny. LOL I'm sure some people's expected/hoped for one, there was no blue wave. What there was was a referendum on Trump...personally. Despite having what most people might say was a fairly successful presidency with...up 'til the pandemic...a good economy and success with many of his policies, it appears he will ultimately lose...and lose by a pretty good margin...not a close call at all. Trump brought this on himself. It's all his fault, personally. He should've won in a landslide from the standpoint of success as a Republican president....but he didn't. And yes, the media has been hassling him for 4 yrs But that's what one signs up for when one signs up for being president. Besides, it was totally his own doing. He had every opportunity to come to terms with the media and he failed...wasn't able to do it. At the 'off the record' meeting after the election, when the winner comes to terms with the media, instead of coming to terms with the rough and tumble of the campaign and putting it behind him, he laid into them. Fine, maybe they deserved it. But, and hopefully the next president will heed this advice, politicians taunt the media at their own peril. They don't have to reach the masses. It won't do any good reaching the masses if there was fraud...the masses don't decide what happens regarding selection of the president after election day. All these yoyos have to do is show it to the the courts, with lawyers and you know, that kind of stuff. Only people with inferiority complexes worry about whether some asshole concedes, I'm not expecting him to concede. It's more fun watching him squirm under the magnifying glass of 80 millions voters telling him they don't want no more of his years. But it would be fun watching him being escorted forcefully out of the white house after pitching a big fit once all the challenges are done and if it turns out the state legislatures follow the will of the voters. Your vote for the president may mean very little. It depends on the state you live in. The constitution doesn't say the president is elected by popular vote...or by a vote by the people at all. The electoral college elects presidents and states can appoint electors anyway they want to. It is merely convention that they tend to use the popular vote...some states apparently have that written into their laws..but the constitution doesn't demand it. I don't particularly like her looks, but note that it happens...a person's unique features are often why they're cast NOT because they are classically beautiful/handsome. Look at, say, Lee Marvin. IMHO, he's not traditionally handsome, yet he's gotten lots of parts. I mean, they gotta have ugly, grotesque, unusual looking people in movies just like regular or about average looking people. The electoral votes are supposed to reflect how the state if, in PA, Trump got more votes than Biden, then all the PA electoral votes...I think it's 20, go for Trump and none for Biden. So the national popular vote isn't all that meaningful for who wins the presidential election....other than a talking point. "Last month, however, Trump announced plans to award nearly $13 billion in federal aid to help repair the island’s electrical and education infrastructure — a sharp reversal after Trump’s repeated comments about not wanting to provide more aid. " And now she's endorsing him...surprise surprise. She knows which side her bread is buttered on. She knows that if Biden wins, he won't be vindictive but if she DOES NOT endorse Trump and he wins, he'll be petty a heck and pull the plug on that money. I wouldn't put it past him to use govt money to get folks to do things for him for political or personal gain. View all replies >