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You're right. It's a revival. Like I said, I agree for the most part, and the whole sequence seemed like just a fan-service hat tip from an old character. Dexter was never quite chess when it came to storytelling, but I've given up on the idea that the old showrunner would bring back the best version of this show. I sent a message to Mod5. Agreed -- but let's admit that all his kill room build-ups, tear downs and locations were always hokey, even at peak Dexter. And there was a logical reason for both Batista and Angela to be there. She went to this law enforcement convention, and he was a guest speaker on that particular subject. But on the whole, this entire reboot as been weak across the board. The old showrunner came back, but most of the writers are new. it's just a plot hole Nah, you just gave the show too much credit. The best season, the best show, but I don't follow nearly as many shows as some do. It filled the Billions hole for me. With Lewis gone, I don't have high hopes for its return in Jan. From the opening titles on, it looks like a fan-made, YouTube homage to Dexter. If I wipe, I wipe standing up. Tell him that. View all replies >