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I got one from Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. BB was actually making an attempt to thwart the scalpers and their bots. They added a confirmation step. Seemed to work, since it took me a couple of minutes to create an account and checkout and I still was able to get one. Walmart wasn't doing a thing at the time. They'd sell out faster than the page could refresh. All depends on the vaccines. I don't think the theater business has been killed like some are claiming. A lot of people I know would like to go back to seeing movies there. The industry might have lost some customers, but I know a lot of people who miss it, including myself. Those two should maybe have met in the finals. Nothing consciously. I just haven't had anyone say that to me recently, so I thought possibly its not as bad these days for whatever reason. I think I do. It was even worse when I was younger. People would ask me what I was angry about. I'd have to tell them nothing. I was at a funeral and they played Let It Be by the Beatles. I teared up, and I didn't even know this person that well! He's one of the better ones out there. He's not up there with the Kubricks or Paul Thomas Andersons, but he makes entertaining, well-crafted movies. Yeah. Sid Vicious was dead before the 80s started. I'd say I want to know... is both. But I find your favorite kind of boring. I'll take McCartney's lyrics and vocals and that soaring piano and guitar on Maybe over that anytime. That's personal taste though. What you're saying is like hating on the The Silence of the Lambs for for being too gory when your favorite horror movie is Friday the 13th part 5. People have this odd habit of saying someone has been cancelled when there is an online mob trying to get them cancelled. There are keyboard warriors and some in the media who are trying to make that happen, but they haven't succeeded. Not yet, anyway. Kind of hilarious how Twitter doesn't consider the really ugly dog piling going on with her harassment, though. Sappy? Unlike I want to know what love is? OK... Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please God, wake me Always gets the ladies in the mood. Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney. One of the earliest and still the best. Seems like there's an expiration date on respecting the deceased. If you've been dead long enough that archeologists are interested, you are past it. Not terribly knowledgable about either, but based on what I've seen, Hawaii. She's physically attractive. That laugh, though. Then again, you know what they say about the crazy ones. I have received a donor kidney, and have much gratitude to everyone who does this. And I did sign up to be a donor myself before getting sick. It's from a Saturday Night Live sketch, celebrity Jeopardy. Connery would give Trebek a hard time. Streaming services have pretty limited selections. I don't have a really large collection, but most of my movies are favorites I got at a decent price or just really wanted to own and things that are hard to find for renting or streaming.