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Old man Joe better support Israel or else...!! Im not happy :-( With Trump out of the WH its a disaster for our friends in Israel. Close friends, Jews, Israelis now hold the $65Billion in cash! LOL, Mel Gibson work for $200K per day! He shot this part in 3 days. This flick is junk. I want a Gin Jew ( blowjob in Thai ) Many claims he got what he deserved when he tried to separate Jews from their money, ref Executive Order 11110 ! Jim Marrs, in his book Crossfire, presented the theory that Kennedy was trying to rein in the power of the Federal Reserve, and that forces opposed to such action might have played at least some part in the assassination She feels like there are too many Jew in high ranking positions in New York. She feels that The Jews run and own the media and that the news we all see are manipulated to tell a predefined narrative. She also feels that America is donating too much money to Israel. Her claims are the the war in the M East is only to serve Israel and not America. -all untrue of course. Israel have no interests in the US. The continuation of the human race. The very elite. Indeed, a lot of Michael Bay films look like a Peter Berg flick. Gangs of London is like a soft Disney family drama compared to R4. I would love for Israel to be a much larger part of American Politics. Hopefully they would run our foreign policy as they have great insight on Arabs and the Middle East. if America was to "pay Israels rent, pay for their military, infrastructure & cover their depth" America would obtain a larger foothold overseas in return - it would be worth it. The cost for supporting Israel can be collected by higher taxes. All Americans would accept a tax increase if the money went to Israel. The pilot was shot in 2019 around London. However Netflix have pulled the funding as the pilot was deemed too complex and unmarketable. E1 in the bag, E 2.10 not shot. Are you drunk, Asia -or both? Will never happened in todays movie climate ! He will never get funding or distribution. I hope the vaccine will have those microchips we keep hearing about so the Government can track us just in case we get sick again. He had his 7 years on top. That is the lifespan of a Hollywood action / drama star. Very few make it past the 7 year mark. He started in 1987 and had a great run. 3 outa 10, not very good. But i like Omari. Fair Enough! I didn't say a word.