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Writer Jeffrey Boam claimed that the only reason why Teri was cast was because she was the girlfriend of producer Jon Peters, who previously worked with Boam on Innerspace. Rather tellingly, 1989 was when Teri divorced her husband – Marcus Leithold. Daphne. Part of the problem with Katherine Tango is that the original actress who played her was fired, so they probably didn't want to go through with reshooting all the scenes (especially with the rewrites). It won't be the same without Richard Donner and Steve Kahan. You might like her in The L Word. The book will make you cringe even more. There was worse editing in these completely alternate versions for... Part 1 (recording): ...and... Part 2 (touring): He was so mistreated that he didn't get any song-writing credits on Load (1996). Even more so than metal singers. It also borrows one of the training scenes from Snake in the Eagle's Shadow. View all replies >