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Because sometimes deletion is better than insertion. <blockquote>When was the last time you have seen a film staring a partially colorblind actor or actress?</blockquote> 2020. The Trial of the Chicago 7 staring Eddie Redmayne. If there is an IMDb page for a movie, TV show, actor, etc. you can find it on MovieChat by searching the title or name number from the IMDb link. Totally Under Control Copy and paste tt13065386 into the MovieChat search bar. Alex Gibney Copy and paste nm0316795 into the MovieChat search bar. This method is very useful when searching for less popular titles/actors that share a name with more popular titles/actors. There's a stranger in my mirror. It's Don Knotts! Star of television hits like The Andy Griffith Show and Three's Company. He's trending because they made a documentary about him. I hope the documentary uncovers the truth behind how he was able to score such a smoking hot wife. The Wolfman movies mocked people suffering from Ambras syndrome! Frankenstein movies mocked people who have had organ transplants! Dracula movies mocked people with dental differences! Even on Moviechat! I prefer à la mode. Could it be Touch Me (1993)? Some sound issues with the YouTube links. Probably due to a music copyright claim. IMDb says the above short was edited into a collection of shorts called Tales of Erotica (1996). But I don't see the cast listed. I prefer the singing voices of transgender women who are very masculine butch lesbians. In a related topic, there are companies in Canada that offer sex doll rentals. Ooh La La!