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Quarter finals Napoli and Real Madrid qualified Spain,Portugal,and Marocco officially candidates to host the 2030 WC together. Hope they win Inter Milan and Manchester City qualified Bayern Munich and Ac Milan qualified Chelsea and Benfica qualified Barcelona-Man United Ac Milan greatness View all posts >


Apart from Tottenham and Dortmund you got them all right Apart from Dortmund you got them all right Great counter-argument,congrats! By the way death by bunga bunga sounds like a great way to die! Based Berlusconi Berlusconi said the truth. Zelensky refused peace deals before February 2022 and was also ready to bomb his own country in Donbass. Those are facts and Berlusconi is great to say those things. There is also another pic where the Sanji actor looks more buff than Zoro lol but its a good pic anyway. My mistake,its Fabrizio Gifuni We got Barney this year View all replies >