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Threads about movies seem to disappear quickly after someone posts to them, they move down off the front page. So unless I am visiting approx every 10 minutes, I don't see them. It would be nice if there was a way to see an overview of what movies/shows were posted in for the last day or the last week, like with a little red asterisk or something, so you could go to the site map and see what's new. I like the idea of having regular weekly threads. What was the spaghetti thread about? I don't know about that. I went back to my parents' place for the summer once and everything was closed every Sunday. It drove me nuts. The only saving thing was that it was a beach town (everyone goes to the beach on Sundays, and Churches have Mass on Sunday evenings to accommodate this), but if you need to fill your car with gas to get to the beach then you are out of luck because all the gas stations are closed! I do respect that ChikFilA does it, tho'; it is good for the staff to be able to have family time. I'm also enjoying it. I think he should put these things together into a book. I"m watching it now. George is super creepy but I like that his name is really normal and boring. It's funny. I think a lot of moderating is required in order to make message boards work well. I think message boards are not going to last. I think also a lot of the content that has been free ("free") on the internet is going to gradually continue to go behind paywalls. That is already happening. We might have to actually start talking to our neighbors again (oh noes....) instead of spending all our free time surfing the interwebz. I love Christmas but for you this might be a good year to start a new tradition of not going to your sister's place for Christmas? What would you like to do instead? I think the fundamental disagreement here is not over whether pedophilia is bad. We all agree, in a general way, that it's bad. I think the disagreement is twofold. First, it's over whether the end justifies the means. Those who feel that it does, find it acceptable that little girls were taught to twerk for the camera and that their crotches (albeit clothed) were shown in closeups to the general viewing public, because they feel that it supports a worthy goal. Those who don't support the movie think it's unacceptable to show little girls in a sexualised way no matter how worthy the goal because to them, the very showing of little girls in this way is the thing that is wrong. I think this philosophical difference, about whether the end justifies the means, is reflected in many modern political and cultural controversies. The second difference, is over the meaning of consent. Those in favor of the movie seem to feel that the children and their parents consented for the girls to be taught these moves and filmed in this way, therefore the shots shown are morally acceptable. Those who disagree, seem to feel that the action of filming the girls in this way is intrinsically wrong and that it cannot be made right by consent. The problem with the position of those who are ok with the movie is that the concept of consent is culturally constructed. Its meaning can change over time and is vulnerable to being eroded as people give in on exactly such concerns as this. So these people may be against pedophilia but, by condoning movies such as this, they are unwittingly allowing the main cultural barrier against it to be eroded. I know that you know this, I just thought it would be valuable to articulate precisely where the problems lie. I think the people in favor of the movie are wrong, but they are seeking to hide their flawed reasoning by creating a straw man whereby opponents of the movie are simply too stupid to realise that the movie is against pedophilia. Beer is essential! Wow, yeah, that's a lot of work, especially to do on your own. Sorry you have to deal with that. My parents moved about five years ago and even as non-hoarders, it was really hard to mop up the memories of 50 years of marriage and pick which ones could fit into a two bedroom apartment. View all replies >