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real life booberilla from the simpsons! RIP good movie RIP Rob Ford best chickflick ever made! (according to a manly man) my opinion about this movie serial school shooter View all posts >


yes her bobs are out of this world if you find one that is not too inbred they actually can be very hot lmfao will cucksmith would make it even worse. Jamie foxx is a poor mans 50 cent but will smith is just a good for nothing cucklord i wont be accepting any sjw tubman bills as change! only andrew jackson 20s for me!!! lmfao yeah this is a big wow much comedy indeed funny thing is gingers are way more of a minority and discriminated against even more than black people the internet started going to shit ever since facebook became a thing i always wanted to bang an amish women idk maybe for someone from san fran or nyc they would freak out but people from philidelphia wouldnt care as much lmfao looks like his rapist balls got ripped off during the crash. enjoy hell without ur cock u rapist View all replies >