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Why people on the Internet... Another art gem signed Lars Von Trier! A question for the Kubrick's haters. Why do people say "sweet sixteen"? At what age do people finish high school in the US? Sorry Tarantino, but this round goes to Robby Rodriguez! Can someone please explain to me why parents do that? Do you think it's okay to marry a person and have a child with that person... My friend is the perfect vegan. Am I the only one who thinks that this is a masterpiece? View all posts >


I'm not the one blindly defending women on every occasions I have so I can shit on anyone who even dares to say something bad about them. This, and te fact that you think it's okay to control your children to a point that you don't give them any freeom... and then deliberately and unnecessarily insult me because I do since I know that I can't always control them. Yikes... Hmmmm... i like Aerosmith and it was never my intention to piss anyone off with. I actually barely even talk about them. It's not my favourite band, but I find their music entertaining. ☝️ <b> They are often total bums who treat them like shit. </b> I'm with you on that one. Oh yeah, many. I knew a guy who was totally out of share, apparently wasn't attractive, never had money, was in his 20s without any ambition. I wouldn't say that this is supposed to be a criteria but: he didn't even have a driver's license. Still, somehow, he ALWAYS either had girlfriends or sex buddies. Never understood what was up with him. He had a lot of confidence, I guess. ☝️ Welll, I mean... whoever had ever been in a long term male and female relationship knows that men are generally the ones constantly wanting sex. Of course at the beginning blth are wild but... then things slow down and men don't get to have sex whenever it pleases them lol. Oh jeez, the more I read your posts, the more I think you are just a troll. Or frustrated person... really frustrated. Really? Honestly what is it with you people?? The guy's story is relevant enough. Why.... why did you feel the need to shit on him for that? Seems like an interesting and relevant message to me. I think you are just an angry person. View all replies >