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$5 shake would cost $10 today.... Logistical issues in the film. Why the leftwing themes in an Eastwood film? Not one of these idiots knew about Iron Pyrite? First scene, none of La Hood's men die? 5.5 IMBD rating. Yikes.... The Jodi Huisentruit case.... What if McKay had been normal? In a lonely place.. Under Suspicion... View all posts >


I don't know if it was mentioned but his character, Jimmy is married to a black woman. I understood it to mean that his friendship and familiarity to Jules and other black men allowed him to talk like them. I'm serious what do you not understand? His race did play a role are you blind? He was whipped to death and he died for the sins of others like Jesus. Classic magic negro characterization. As William said "So Ned died for what we did?"... Clint wanted Ned's death to pack an emotional punch so depicting a morally superior black man accomplishes that. I did not see that at all but I was sure happy to watch Skinny get blown away. Remember what William said after he heard they had killed Ned? "So they killed Ned for what we had done?" So Ned died for their sins. Like Jesus. Classic magic negro characterization. Now Ned did have sexual desires something most magic negro characters do not have he even spends some time with the whores. Despite that his moral superiority is evident. What about the symbolism of the whip? Lil bill did not use that whip on anybody else. Just Ned because? You know. It is a plot hole really. He rides into town advertising himself even though the signs coming in indicate his kind is not welcome. So instead of stealthily trying to make his way into town to meet with the whores he makes a scene. Why? Even if there was no Lil bill law enforcement in his way he could have tipped off the cowboys he was in town to kill 2 of them. Genius! Yep depicting a black man as a victim is something never seen in film before right? I think you are right. It is a remake of Shane. Why can't you knock it? It is almost a fraud. She was not a nun any longer and she no longer taught in that school. What investigation that was done produced no evidence this priest murdered her or even have a motive for doing so. Maskell was a horrible person who used his station to engage in sex with under age girls at that school. That does not make him a murderer. In short it is a likely coincidence that these people tried to sensationalize into a story. Congrats to them I guess. The sensational story of the heroic lesbian nun who gave her life standing up against the evil priest just does not add up with the facts. Sorry. It sounds good and it makes you want to watch and keeps you riveted but in the end you have nothing. View all replies >