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Did you ever watch kids show when you were a kid and perve on the hosts? The watermelon genie Love it when the people in the audience called Daniel the bully. Game: Mainstream movies with titles that would work for porn. Was it just me or was the "Bad Guy" underwhelming? Is Hilaria even a name? Marnette Patterson in the final season. ***BAKER'S DOZEN: TEEN ANGST*** Is Iran a Hommus country? ***BAKER'S DOZEN: STRIP JOINTS*** (Done) View all posts >


I'm going to have to buy shares in peaches. Immigrants understand better than anyone what their countries are like and how their people behave. They don't want their new homeland to end up like their old one. You mean Leftard Canada doesn't like leftard politics when it affects their $$$ flow? Hahahahahahahahahahhaa!!! Because Anarchists don't want any government or police. Sadly for them the Democrats will be applauded when they order tanks to drive over the protestors. Young Iranians who killed young Americans will be in the wave of refugees getting instant access to America too. 3-4 weeks to take the capital and defeat their military. The next 10 or so years fighting all the militant factions and then stopping those factions from killing each other. Oh and training a new Iran military that you can fight later on. Facts of life was better than Different Strokes. Frasier better than Cheers Angel better than Buffy I sometimes feel what might be called a bad performance is really a good one depending on the character being played. If the character is some lower class knock about yet is portrayed in a stylized and over the top way, is that really good acting? I thought that was a really odd thing to have her do too. No checking for survivor's or even avoiding the scene altogether for her own personal safety, she goes shopping! I thought soldiers swore an oath of loyalty to their country or is Biden going to do a Hitler and plan to have them swear an oath to himself? View all replies >