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They need to update his character age…..those shirts he wears to try and look younger than he is….he’s got manly hairy arms if you look closely. Need to let him be a true college age freshman. But I think all the actors are great in this and quick dialogue is still hilarious. Show is fine without the dad since they have Judd Hirsch now. No….thinking more like a young John Lennon! So true….what idiot would walk all that way in the open to a suspicious car? Think she just didn’t care at this point and wanted to confront everyone and everything. I know….she just grew more vindictive with each season. I wanted her gone and the rest of the family turning over a new leaf and going into government assisted hiding far from that place. But I guess the ending serves the purpose of illustrating some people get by unscathed. Maybe Noah shot his mom and not the guy. LOL According to Edelweiss Patterns Blog website, she was married at Nonnberg Abbey, not the cathedral. I’m a Roy Scheider fan and did not like their choice of Lorraine Gray for his wife…her husband was at that time big in the business and probably young Spielberg had to go along with that. Not on a par with him attractive wise. I loved the actor Leo Gordon who played the guest star role. He was really menacing and played a great bad guy in one of my favorite old west movies called Night of the Grizzly. Her New York accent bothered me more than the tight face….I’ve seen LB in several interviews and she didn’t have that accent. I noticed the same thing….maybe producers visually preferred the more attractive apartment. But the inaccuracy is puzzling still. His character was probably meant to show a brighter future for Mare whenever she was ready. Liked him but was not happy he chose to ignore her instead of ease out of a conversation with the ladies chatting with him upon her arrival. Loved her putting the pate in the sofa seat while she waited for him to come see her at the party. Show did have some comedy in it, especially Jean Smart. I’m with you. We weren’t interested in Ryan...his character was on the fringe of all that was happening. Really good series but I was hoping for a better twist. Poor Lori got really dumped on from different directions so I guess she was a cathartic person to help Mare with her grief. I think the missing pizza slicer and I think it was a mug that he mentioned was missing were everyday items he misplaced in that very messy kitchen they showed the viewers. Mare was smirking a little as she wrote down those two items on her pad but then changed the moment he mentioned a gun. He was obviously a grieving widower just kinda finding his way…he stated something along those lines to Mare at the onset of their conversation. His music is so iconic and you can’t help but think of Knotts and his movies. Show started out well but did regress I later seasons. Really stretching for story ideas. Really missed when the mom decided to leave the show, just wasn’t as good. I actually became disillusioned with Little House even before I did with Waltons. Pretty lady. Guess her character was never meant to be a long term girlfriend. But I thought she and Andy were pretty cute together. Jack Black It’s a silly, carefree movie. How could you not like El Guapo and his idiot sidekick?! Short and Martin were funny for the most part. Chase, not as much. I’m wondering that too. This was such a warm and nostalgic special that I must watch every year. Even my husband likes it and he isn’t a big fan of the Waltons. Kinda fun to see all the young kid actors in probably one of their first tv roles. I love that opening scene of them walking thru the snow in the pasture. They use one of the still shots from that scene on the Waltons opening credits. Where the Hamners lived in Virginia is close to some of our relatives....just beautiful area so must have been great to roam around outside as a kid. That was funny! Michael Learned grew prettier over the years of this show. Was a little frumpier in first season. Was surprised to see him as the jailer in Inherit the Wind last night. He really had a interesting career and boring, nice Emmett was probably a hoot for him to play.