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movie characters who remind you of someone you hate? for an ex-homeless heroin junkie... the score was terrible hottest actresses who have yet/never done a nude scene? moments of bad acting only you've noticed? anyone know where can I watch this? wants to be the next Bond... am I the only one who thought Sister Margaret was hot? View all posts >


Uh... ew. On a side note, I always thought her reaction upon hearing Harry and Dudley enter the house was really weird. She acts so strangely happy there. She looks she either just smoked a Mandrake or Vernon ate more than just that tub of ice cream that evening. How's that Rock cock tasting? The same thought came to mind upon seeing the trailer. Upon seeing the actual film, however, I personally find Frances way more annoying than Poppy. I can see why the latter gets on some people's nerves, but for me, Sally Hawkins was absolutely adorable and hilarious in that film. I don't dislike Greta Gerwig in this film, but I don't find the character of Frances anywhere near as endearing or likable as Poppy. It was really all those meandering, pointless scenes of her just chit chatting with friends that really bored and annoyed the shit out of me. In fact, that's pretty much my feeling on the film as a whole, meandering and meaningless. Happy-Go-Lucky is a good example of a meandering, plotless, slice-of-life movie done right, this is not. Diamonds Are Forever had a pretty great roster of babes too. Tiffany, Plenty, mmm... The Spy Who Loved Me was even better, there wasn't a single chick in that that wasn't bangable. Difference is, Stallone, Arnie, and Willis all had their fair share of classics to counterweight all the crap films they did. The Rock only has the latter. Women cumming from anal. bump Atheists. Vegans get a bad rap because of idiots like That Vegan Teacher and VeganGains but aside from the likes of those, they're generally okay people. Atheists used to be cool for sticking up against the status quo of religious indoctrination but now, they're just pompous dickheads trying to look smart by saying "Jesus fake", when government mandated religious practices haven't even been in practice for over a century, and the actual numbers of people who claim to subscribe to organized faith has been steadily declining here in the West for a while now. Those people seem to be completely unaware of how social justice activism, COVID-19 scare mongering, and climate change doomsday talk have basically replaced organized religion as the new forms of brain-washing. I also find it extremely hypocritical how so many of them have no problem with blatantly mocking Christianity, but who will quickly bend over and apologize if they ever offend Islam. Fuck those people. Glad you enjoyed it, but I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree here. This movie honestly had a really dumb script that tried to be clever by mixing Robert Louis Stevenson's story with Jack the Ripper and Burke and Hare, but wound up just creating a clusterfuck of a narrative that completely lost sight of the point of the original text. The Dr. Jekyll presented in this film, goes from good-natured scientist to psychopathic murderer in the span of a heartbeat, with none of the duality or conflict from the book intact. At first, I thought the film was hinting at something along the lines of repressed homosexuality as the duality this version of the character battles, but that doesn't to be the case as Jekyll seems genuinely interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with Susan towards the end. So basically, the film removed the entire thematic crux of Robert Louis Stevenson's text just to do a gimmicky retelling of the classic story with Jack the Ripper and Burke and Hare thrown in. And top of that, the film is also littered with plot contrivances and thinly sketched character motivations. Lame. "Do you know what time it is?" "What?" "Time to die." Worst line uttered in the history of Bond. View all replies >