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The remake does have good ideas, I'll give it that. The only problem is it detracts from the original's concept by inserting typical action sequences and feels too fantasy-esque than you know an original sci-fi movie. Yeah, it's a good twist in terms of concept, but that wasn't enough to save this remake. I have yet to watch the tv series, so might as well check that out. The original Planet of the Apes movie will always reign supreme and the less said about the terrible Tim Burton remake the better. The sequels to the original are hit and miss with only Escape and Conquest being very good while Beneath and Battle are either okay or mediocre. The reboot films are infinitely better than Beneath and Battle. Kingdom isn't quite as strong as the Andy Serkis trilogy, but it's still a worthy continuation. Interested to see how the sequels will turn out. I pray to good that the new trilogy doesn't end up like the Star Wars sequel trilogy from 2015-2019. Like seriously, those movies were so f***ing terrible especially The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Those films not only went against everything that made the original trilogy better, but the new ideas introduced gets sidelined in favor of spectacle. What brought them down for me were the new characters who could've had potential to be well written but they weren't and it goes to show that movie executives care about appealing to politics than telling a good f***ing story. Sorry for ranting a little bit. Wanted to get that out of my chest. You're welcome. No. I was referring to the fact that Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is a much better 4th installment that Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (more like The Quest for Failure). That's understandable. Here are my ratings for all four of the KFP films. Kung Fu Panda: 9/10 Kung Fu Panda 2: 10/10 Kung Fu Panda 3: 8/10 Kung Fu Panda 4: 8.5/10 I thought this was WAY better than Disney's Wish which was so lazy and disappointing. I just happen to prefer Across The Spider-Verse. Well, unfortunately, the other Disney princesses have their own unique personalities especially Belle, Jasmine, Meg, and Mulan. View all replies >