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Never seen it Absolutely love this abduction movie Damn half breed Looking like an awesome show. Awesome relevant content. Dec2019 An epic classic! Worries One of the upmost classics from a beloved comediac genius. Especially relevant in todays age. View all posts >


Is this seriously what exstistance has come to? And why isn't there an actual dictionary default on my phone keyboard? Id this how we evo ur word to a dumer dialack? For me it's a classic from my childhood. Been forever since I rented it from blockbuster. One of those things your uncle would let you watch if you didn't tell mom. I just wanted to bring it up. Staying up watching that and Close Encounters with my daughter. Shes into Sci-fi stuff too. Definitely not a groundbreaking movie. Way overhyped; but still good real honest comedic drama. Fun movie. The millennial story. Yeah I forgot everything sucks. Especially when it's some stoner retard making millions and banging bitches like Ariana Grande and Kaia Greber. Yes everything sucks from that perspective. You start Sleep with your boots and gear on for weeks with the aftershocks. Food and water in the van. Ready to bug out. Yes that's what she said U know about instantly that your in for a "nice" 7+ pointer. What makes and nice eight or nine is it lasting for 10 minutes. In all my life as an American Ive never seen a "deer" in the woods plenty of moose and bear. More worried about moose in these woods but yeah I get the confusion View all replies >