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Best bit - fishes eye! Embarrassing and dated gayfest. Who gives a fuck about US Politics Why can't Yanks tolerate opposing opinions? What utter bollocks this show is What the world needs... Best song = Peach View all posts >


Yes, stunningly good looking and talented, too! Yeah, odd. I think it was because she was 'special' enough (ie. daughter of Zeus) to match the adult Amazonians in strength, cunning and speed? In Hollywood with it's satanic crap? Look at the imagery in the vids of her and a raft of other dumb autocue ''singers'' who turned a trick for a contract, and are either CIA MKUltra victims or are NWO stooges to entice kids. skank You obviously are so busy being a dumb ignorant Yank that you didn't know that the following were seriously considered for Bond- Dick Van Dyke (USA) Daniel Pilon (Canada) John Gavin (USA) David Warbeck (NZ) James Brolin (USA) PIERCE BROSNAN (IRISH)!!!!! Sam Neill (NZ) Mel Gibson Christopher Lambert (Fr) Sam Worthington (Aus) Goran Višnjić (Cro) Declined the role- Cary Grant Rod Taylor (Aus) Adam West Clint E Burt Reynolds Liam Neeson Yeah, good explanation. Thanks I agree, he was almost a visionary. I love some tracks but not others. Losers. Embarrassment - the rest of the world is laughing at the USA. You aren't and won't be 'great'. But you do grate. Immaturity and retardedness. So fuckin what? Half of Hollywood and the NWO are. View all replies >