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As COVID hits all-time highs across America, Trump asks: “You know why we have cases?” Now is the time to invest in a 'Curaprox Hydrosonic Pro Electric Toothbrush', thanks to Trump's idiocy Trump: “Stock Markets will hit new highs if President Trump wins. Tremendous growth like never before..." Another Trump lie: "...maybe we can build a bridge to Hawaii instead?" Trump Organization renewed the domain name — this year Can't fix stupid: Trumptard hangs "TRUMP 2020" sign from live electrical wires Trump 'deeply under water' with women voters Trump: "I'm the least racist person in the room" LOL! Snowflakes Ivanka and Jared threaten 'The Lincoln Project' with a lawsuit over Times Square billboard LOL! Eric Trump's new 'anti-Biden' attack has completely backfired on him View all posts >


Can't fix stupid - can't quarantine it either. Pence looked like a ghost during the debate, and it was speculated he had COVID. I believe he did and passed it on to his chief of staff, who has it now. Damn! More breaking news from Brietbart! As I've said before, Trumptards really go for the Goliath in news journalism. Who will you source out next ? Judge Jeannine ? Let's finish the sentence Trumptard: "it’s what he said to her after years of behaving just the opposite." See how that works when you say the whole quote and not try to take something out of context to fit your racist agenda ? "Not a trumptard, but thank you again for your CONTINUED generalizations." Of course you're not (wink, wink). Like all the Trumptards in Congress, you're trying to distance yourself from the Trump trainwreck. Too little, and way too late. "You’re the biggest hypocrite these message boards have ever seen, and that’s saying a lot." Coming from a Trumptard, that's the biggest compliment I have ever seen. Thank you. Wow! Did you miss the point - as usual. Trump looked right at the moderator and made this statement after spending years making racist remarks and taking racist actions against minorities, which she is a part of. Doesn’t matter whether she’s racist or not, it’s what he said to her after years of behaving just the opposite. But being a trumptard you just don’t get it. Racism is your normality these days. I never knew about this exchange. Glad you agree. [quote]I have leaned my ladder against Triplex cable to trim tree branches.[/quote] Which you once again prove: "You can't fix stupid." Misspeaks at every single rally for the past few weeks ? You and Trump are fucking idiots. Do tell us how he is factually and mathematically CORRECT. This should be interesting... View all replies >