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He is a leftie,yes,but i dont remember him trying to cancel anyone New predictions: Real Madrid Bayern Munich Ac Milan Inter Milan Napoli Borussia Dortmund Benfica Manchester City Heard they will air it not on demand though! Thats absurd but ok,hopefully it will get pirated quickly so they will be found online. Nah you're just gay. Nothing wrong with that of course. Who? I guess Matt Reeves wants complete freedom with his trilogy and doesnt want to consider the canon events of the other movies. It seems they will start with Superman,and surely there will be Lobo. There will be another Batman in the same historical period of the Robert Pattinson's one? Altough it would be kinda absurd,you cant do a DCU without Batman. And of course Wonder Woman. And also a new Flash. Thats what the first 5 movies should be imho. Cant wait! True But if Trump wins the Republican primaries he will be the Republican candidate,and i doubt that any indipendent candidate apart from Kanye can steal votes from Trump Many surprises in this World Cup! By the way now i think that possibile finals might be: Argentina-France or Argentina-Portugal,or Brazil-France! I completely got wrong Group D and Group E lol Indeed Yes. I wonder if Japan will pull off another great win or it will stop at the round of 16 like always. We'll see. Wow that would bring a big change in Disney i think,who knows if for the better or worst,but i think it will change a lot as a company Mbappe what a great player! Benzema out! He won't be replaced A Portugal-Argentina final can happen! We'll see if it happens. It looks good. Love this YTU! (Yellowstone Television Universe) He was now called up! Now the France players are 26! Also,Axel Disasi replaces Kimpembe.