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Yup, it was a great flick! Obvious troll is obvious. I thought it was alright. I would describe it as a black comedy rather than satire. They really over worked that "speargun / harpoon / whatever" gag. I know you're probably just having fun here... in that same spirit then we already knew that Indy doesn't achieve immortality. If you watched The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones you know that we saw an old Indy looking every bit of his 93 years. Interesting IMDB trivia that connects the TV series to KOTC: "During production of the series, Lucas became obsessed with crystal skulls. He originally called for an episode which would have involved Indy and Belloq searching for one of the skulls. The episode was never produced, and the idea ultimately evolved into the fourth feature film." I agree. Nolte almost steals the entire movie with just one scene. Unless you are an qualified aeronautical engineer who can tell me otherwise, I'm going to assume with certainty that planes has a certain margin of safety built in. I'm a naval architect -- ships -- myself and I'm can say with 99% certainty that this holds true for any form of transportation. So the pilot made a judgement call in the most extreme of circumstances... for the purposes of the story, it was fine. If the movie ended with them evaporating in a fireball as they watch the plane fly away because the pilot said no, would you really be here saying: "Man, so glad this movie got it RIGHT!"? "This movie plot has a giant, brachiosaurus-sized gaping hole in it." That would be the 'fiction' part of 'science fiction' movie. This whole post is meaningless. I eagerly look forward to your post dissecting the plot hole of a stainless steel car being able to travel through time EVEN IF it were fitted with a flux capacitor. Similarly your acute understanding of physics should similarly illuminate the the plot hole of a man spontaneously gaining mass to turn into a giant sized green rage beast. PS: i. You don't understand what a plot hole is. ii. A quick Google search reveals that some of your 'facts' are wrong anyway. "As a side note, regarding your UFO story, I've never agreed with the way people categorize UFOs and extraterrestrials as paranormal." I'll be a bit pedantic here. You are assuming that the only explanation for UFOs/flying saucers that people subscribe to is that they are aliens visiting earth. (But, you personally don't believe that... neither do I.) So that leaves three possibilities: i. People are flat out lying, or deluded. Probably true in a lot of cases. ii. People just don't recognize them for what they are. (Sidebar: Also in the Navy, we encountered a UFO tracking us at dawn. Our navigator eventually identified via his charts as Venus. I used to scoff when I heard that explanation before I experienced myself. Not anymore.) iii. They are evidence of some other type of phenomenon that we don't know about yet... paranormal. Have you read The Mothman Prophecies? It's an old book supposedly based on true events that happened around Point Pleasant West Virginia. The author, John Keel, suggested that Mothman, men in black, etc are some form of inter-dimensional beings. It's pseudo-science babble, but maybe there's a grain of truth in the general idea. The other idea that has been floated -- the one I think more likely -- is that the belief in flying saucers is some form of collective psychology at work that transcends cultures and times. It's just an updated form of the belief in fairies, witches and other things that go bump in the night. What the function of it is... unknown. Maybe a form of survival instinct? Batman and Robin was so bad that my school grade kids wanted to leave well before it ended. Quest for Peace was earnest in its story. It suffered from bad writing and effects. Batman and Robin was a full on return to Adam West Batman. When they did the Bat credit card joke I pulled an eyeball muscle rolling them so hard. My secret shame is my little girl hands... I have to get my wife to open jars for me. That woman has a serious man-grip. View all replies >