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Insufferable cunt rag How many cats do you think TriumphReq owns? I feel like The Rock has done this movie at least 3 times already. Ventura vs Jimmy Norton Maybe Boy? Cleveland Cancelers Alien 4K looks incredible deserves a reboot lol This idiot thinks Spielberg has never directed a movie with a female lead View all posts >


And no one here is surprised, you caps lock cuck. lol perfect That poor dog. I'm glad it finally found peace away from you. Kinda like the adult discussions where you incessantly scream at people on a movie forum in a full blown TDS rage. Hopefully. Ragnarok was hysterical and Taiki is a great comedy writer/director. Disney recognizing how good Chris Hemsworth is as a comedic actor and leaning more heavily into that in Ragnarok is one of the best things they've done. lol the dude on the left looks repulsed having to be so close to a mentally ill freak. The thing about leftist soys and the twitter wokeskolds that are plaguing the entertainment industry is that they're all creatively bankrupt and can't come up with any good original ideas. So whenever they're given a project that has established lore they gotta insert their woke anti white male ideology into the story and tear down everything good that came before it in order to prop up their dog shit ideas. I've got a thousand dollars that says you liked The Last Jedi. Oh wow I had no idea he did Insomnia. Gonna give it a watch. Are you a time traveler? View all replies >