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I can't handle the intensity movies just as bad turkey & israel? drago & rocky friends? cheesy as it sounds: new friends? opening theme View all posts >


she's way too overrated funnily enough, iran has never planted a bomb anywhere unless they were in a war actually the US was responsible for 9/11. Bin Laden used to work for the CIA as an agent. Look up Tim Osman why do you say so ugh yes, turkey is beautiful no doubt. i hope you do get to visit the middle east someday :) what clubber killed mickey//??? don't let whatever is happening now be a barrier. so many people from the US and Europe are visiting middle eastren countries espcially iran and they're seeing it veryyyyy differently than what the media is showing us (so goods things lol) i love thoughts in my hair :) hahahaha yasssss anywhere really, but if i get a chance now to jump on a plane and go somewhere, without a doubt i'd wanna go to iran, my home country. and not because i miss the family (i dont hahaha oops) but the country is beautiful. North iran is freaking Narnia. and i'd also want to go to islands. maybe seychelles or maldives or even the bahamas and thank god iran has an island called Kish, beautiful too. View all replies >