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lol lets me apply video processing to the movie, enhancing its detail. well no wonder its fine for you , for the rest of us scum, we have to take it as is , grains and all! that said i dont remember any particularly bad quality video I think "last weeks numbers" was one theory on how our UK many winners thing happened , pretty much any system like that - enough people play it that most will shy away , but enough cold hard mathematicians (who for some reason are still playing :) ) will know 123456 is just as good and pick that , and if more than 3 do , you'd have been better off getting random ticket. The only sure fire solid avoiding-multiple-winners system ive heard is "Pick numbers over 31" This is to avoid all those birthdays-and-otherdates pickers but dont pick 31,32,33 etc or those cynics will be sharing your win lol I knew it! the official website trys to hide this and says: "A record nine UK players won a EuroMillions jackpot in 2015." But wikipedia has the real history <i>Lotto was originally called The National Lottery, but was renamed Lotto in an update in 2002 after ticket sales decreased. Lotto is by far the most popular draw, with around 15 to 45 million tickets sold each draw. The most winners for a single jackpot was 133 in January 1995, each player winning £122,510. " </i> Imagine winning 16 million and then having to share it with not 1 , not 2 not even 3 other winners , like normal - but 133! Thankyou! Talking of wierd coincidences though: The UK national lottery started in the early 90s 6 balls , 1 to 49 , odds 42m to 1 usually 0 to 3 or 4 peopel would split the jackpot weekly. One week , though , a couple months after it began about 100 people got 6 numbers and won the jackpot. I can only assume that was because they all picked some onbious sequence like 123456 I thionk the history id lookupable ..imma gonna try .. I dont know why they dont just roll the balls in a tumbler , after sales close , like they do in the UK - very transparent. But that article says they use a "industry standard" Rnd numb gen , used by lotterys the world over with all kinds of checks and balances on it. Its tooo obvious to be a scam , if they wanted 20 differenty winners they could pick a normal looking set of balls and just pay 20 different people sacross the country to pick them. if that is a scam , the downside of that is that the number sequence is highly suspicious and highly visible to all. Thats risky strategy , to hide in a crowd of 20? I dont think it was a scam , just a coincididence. It looks really really weird of course , but the odds are the same as any other combo " I instantly lose respect for people when I find out they believe in god, I can’t help it. " well try to 'help it'! That kind of simplistic thinking is what contributes to your , er , socialiliabilty problems. Too quick to just write people off. I totally agree its a ludicrous concept, but some of those people are incredibly intelligent doctors and scientists doing difficult technical jobs you could never do. Likewise they are are generally great , warm, kind people , possibly more so than the non believers . So have some fucking tolerance. postscript: not having a go that was some honest advice aimed at enriching your life yeah but who controls the religion that controls the populace? A few crazy old men in funny hats? Bad choice of numbers to choose on your ticket , as lots of other people will have done the same. 20 lucky winners in this case. I assume thats higher than normal for SA lottery told you, its not red. You're thinking of The thin Red line. :) The Thin blue line is where the boys in blue draw the line.. More relevent to the subject at hand View all replies >