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Does this mean he cant run? Season 1 Good Life in prison for saying you're gay American life expectancy much lower than Europe no posts no posts since imdd Tiger Woods under scrutiny after handing Justin Thomas tampon at Genesis Invitational Pinball banned! Does a good documentary View all posts >


thats a good point , but even if ,say 1 in 100 ,was a serious lie that a real politician aught to resign over - thats still 300 of those. Country's full of guns. whatcha gonna do? cant be fixed. cant remove them . even if they wanted to , and only half of them want to so ... currently convicted *CRIMINALS* are allowed to run ? genuine question. I just started a thread asking same. I'm saying that that individual act has no bearing on anyone else really . I am in no way excusing any/ all the other dodgy, immoral or illegal things he has no doubt done. yeah thats why it'd be fun to see him flounder around . He probly suspects he is unlikely to win but his giant infantile ego is saying: "You cant decline to run , we'll look weak! best to run , fail , and cry foul" if he's barred from running it gives him an easy out , and he can forever play the martyr "they gave me a criminal record to stop me running" to be fair , shagging a porn star behind your wife's back is not the worst thing a president has ever done , especially that one. It doesent really affect anyones immediate finances or the future of the Nation, apsrt from it being a general sign of a scumbag who probly aint the best person forthe job. (which is blindigly obvious anyway in this case) His movies are hit and miss on an individual level most people like some , dont like others , and everyone has a different combination of like / didnt. For me the awesome "Life Aquatic" means anything else he does is worth a try. 7 I see your point, but its not a great example since you wernt home. Burglars usually run off when challenged , or they hear someone groggily waking up upstairs. I mean , it says something that all the other countries in the world manage to survive without guns doesent it? They have burglaries too. If I lived int the USA however , I'd be armed to the teeth , just to keep up with the arms race. If you confront a burglar in the USA you'd better be armed 'cos theres a good chance he is. Guns cannot be banned in the USA , its too late , the country is swamped with them , not to mention 50% of the people will die fighting to keep them apparently . I dont think there are many "gun banners" as mention in your title. There are just a lot of "more regulation" enthusiasts , who would go as far as banning AR15s given the chance. I think very very few of these activists want to ban them entirely .. even Kelai and W&P lets ask them. I think before that tirade you should have showed some substance to the claims in the first paragraph. I doubt you will be able to point to any articles in those publications you named that say what you say they say . View all replies >