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Was Marion an abusive mother? No lesson to be learned at the end (spoilers) Spoiler question about Max in Season 4 Volume 2 Casey really gets knocked around in this movie Batman wasn't really much of a hero and neither was Catwoman (spoilers) Very depressing Dan Gilroy and Shelley Duvall are together in real life! Wish the show would stop forcing us to like Kate with Philip Sad ending (spoilers) So by the end of the movie, no one but David knew about the dad's affair? View all posts >


Of course lol. It's the MCU. But then the villains from the multiverse will come back if that happens. But maybe it wouldn't have killed people if people left the alien alone. Right but at the end, they still did. They didn't leave the alien alone but they got rewarded for that. I think the question I have is how did he graduate with all of the school he missed touring with the band? I doubt she'll sacrifice herself as she told Lucas she wasn't ready to die. This time, she'd probably fight more to live being on the brink of death. But yeah I don't think Max will make it. I truly think she's gone. I don't think she'll just easily come out of it. I'm starting to think Vecna will use her body as a vessel and Max won't come back as herself. Max is completely gone. Yeah I agree with you. That theory is making the most sense. Cause she's braindead but her heart is what's keeping her alive. So Vecna can make her mind work and use a human vessel to easily kill more people. And yeah they'll probably have to kill Max to kill Vecna. But I don't think Vecna has her soul like other people think. Otherwise he has Chrissy's or the other victims and they're all buried. I don't think max will come back as herself. Probably pretend to since Vecna knows how she feels about Lucas and will probably pretend to like Lucas to take advantage of him. Yeah I thought that was weird too. But then again, it probably shows how much of a sell-out they became in being in all of these hit magazines. But then again, what do fans expect? That's how they make a living by coming up with more methods to achieve fame so they can keep performing. They're no different than any other band out there. Tell that to the critics. Actors all the time get Razzied for bad performances with the directors being innocent through it all. View all replies >