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I missed something... I don't get why in the beginning, Ryan's parents drove two separate cars? Wouldn't horse diving be a short show? Was anyone upset that (spoilers) Does anyone know when the full soundtrack will be released? Did anyone else wish there was more love vibes between Richard and Cheryl? How is this possible? It wasn't fair of Madison to make him choose between family and acting Ending Question When We Believed in Mermaids View all posts >


I don't understand why it is people liked this movie. I didn't know who to root for. Vincente assaulted Robert's daughter and yet we're supposed to root for his escape? And Robert was a psycho too in turning this guy into his wife to sleep with the one who assaulted his daughter? And the murders felt anti-climatic. I think she was more making fun of the fact that he thought he was such a stud paying for her meal when it was because it was cheap. If it was a meal at the Ritz, he'd probably leave her hanging lol I wasn't really happy with the ending. It was kind of sad to me. Whether Mary gets abducted or doesn't get abducted, it's still sad. I wish they could have chosen to stay on earth. The ending kind of reminded me of Phil of the Future where they time travel to another century and the show ends with them returning back despite all the people and memories they made. I always assumed that when he got hit by a car, the guy who hit him owed him a lot of money. Yeah I feel like it was all about Kevin having to apologize for everything and not Randall for emotionally manipulating his mother, being ungrateful for the family that saved him, or for hogging the attention of his father away from Kevin. I don't know if they necessarily fell out of love. I mean, they didn't break up at the end. I agree. I feel like if the Sam Raimi films were made today, Mary Jane would have more justice. I do admit that her role got a little better in the second one, but then she got worse in the third. Whenever Peter tries to help her, she keeps bringing him down. And it doesn't seem like she has much of a role in the third movie other than to be a damsel in distress again. It's like they tried so hard to give her a bad life, but we're to believe it doesn't matter as long as she's in Peter's arms by the end. I also felt like Jody was jealous when Beth pointed out there were a couple of cute guys. She immediately said they're just after her for her money with a sting in her voice. Yeah, it's a shame the movie had to end the way it did. I was starting to love it until that scene. Blue Bear ruins her boxing career and her life and yet everyone remembers Maggie being a loser by the end. It's a really shitty ending. And I feel like no one really comforted Maggie at the end either about what a fighter she was. It also really sucks because the only other female boxing movie I know is Girl Fight and I didn't care for that one either. This one was supposed to be like Rocky and yet she had to have a downfall. Dr. Schultz's death was totally unnecessary. He's normally a quick shooter, yet he allowed himself to be shot to death. He didn't even defend himself. View all replies >