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Does anyone feel like this show is saying that the rich are spoiled and we should always root for the middle class? My complaints about the ending Does anyone ever feel like Hilary Duff had to sing because of Disney? One thing I'm confused about The villains on this show My complaints Does anyone else think Clare was wrong in accusing Eli of manipulating her in season 10? Let me see if I understand this I wonder if Jacob Tremblay understood his role in the movie Did anyone else find it hard to like Ray? View all posts >


I mean, all we would get from her character is fat shaming and pity. Gets tiring after a while. Especially one as ugly as Buzz. Maybe if this movie was made now, they would do that. It's basically similar to On My Block where it's a group of friends and things get complicated when two people in the group start dating each other. In these movies, it's always the mothers that have to be uptight and the father who's cool. To be honest, I didn't like Julie at all. She wasted time with a loser like Todd and instead of going to college to make something of herself, she became a teen wife and mom living off her mom. I think it was just bad acting. Same when she discovers Trevor's body. It looked like the director told her to scream hysterically and she did with no feeling. I have a feeling she'll be the new villain in the next movie. She'll want to seek revenge against Andy for not saving her in the ocean. I didn't like that scene either. Ally would never have liked what Claire did to her. It wasn't her! She didn't need a makeover. And having Andy's eyes open up after she changed shows that he only liked the change. Not Ally. Yeah that's what I mean. Calling Scott's father an asshole was wrong. Apparently not of the Jedi lol View all replies >