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I was thinking the same thing while watching this show. Wow Eugene Levy is kind of a stud now Wesley Snipes is sure better looking than Marc Anthony I love how they buy him a phone with huge numbers to push, and a device to reach high place's, then they throw down a bunch of retirement home brochures in front of him. They might as well just said " Hey Pops you're a geriatric, over the hill, burnout, so maybe it's time to hand me over the house, because you are too much of an old buffoon to take care of it, and we'll ship you off to the retirement home. Don't worry about the El Camino either. We will make sure your rotten grandaughter who never expressed any tears for her dead grandma gets it " Willis was likable. He may have been a bastard, but he wasn't a fucking bastard 15 minutes is a bit too generous Everyone has their opinion, but this one and Ghost Protocol were my favorite in the series, and the most memorable. The first one gave off a real spy/espionage vibe, then pretty much all the sequels felt more or less felt like generic action flicks. MI2 was a completely different film then this. A typical over the top John Woo action fest. The 3rd film was just boring. Tom Cruise has the most ridiculous running scene ever. He looks like a freaking gazelle. Rogue Nation and fallout were a decent spy/action mix. I like how Ethan Hunt in this movie still seemed like a regular guy. He was a covert operative, and a very good one, but it felt grounded. As the sequels progress he goes from talented spy to some kind of legendary superhero I'm just familiar with the typical and unoriginal formula for these type of flicks oops sorry Her comment had nothing to do with trans people. Another example of reading too much into something harmless Unlike Clooney, Affleck actually played a decent Batman Definitely, and not just his acting, but also subtle mannerisms as well. I'm actually prefer Morrisey over Neeson as the governor. Morrisey is more convincing as someone who is manipulative and evil lol those two deserve each other They are both willing to commit murder to. Kreese tried to stranglet Johnny, and stab Daniel. Tory was prepared to stab Sam, and bash her with Nunchaku's The original Karate Kid was far from being from being an Asian-American film. It's the story about an American kid from New Jersey who moves to California, and does not take well to it right away, but then is taken under the wing of a Japanese Mentor/sensei. One Japanese actor does not make the Karate Kid an Asian film. Karate Kid 2 is definitely an Asian-centric story with more focus put on Mr. Miyagi's backstory, yet still including Daniel. With the exception of Daniel pretty much the entire cast of Karate Kid 2 was Asian. Karate Kid 3 is pretty much the same deal as Karate Kid 1. If they made a spinoff of KK2 it would make sense to have an Asian protagonist, most likely Chozen. As for Cobra Kai it's pretty much a spinoff of KK1 with Johnny as the main protagonist. You're either a complete troll or complete fool. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and go with troll, because that shit is funny lol I don't consider 5'8 short. it's under average, and far from tall, but not short. 5'7 is borderline. I always figured Bogart was about 5'10. I was surprised to learn only 5'8 Tory is my favorite: Her fierce attitude, and beauty really steal the show when she is on screen Sam is my least favorite: Her phony, goody two shoe, princess act is annoying I found him fairly attractive back then, and he still looks good when he shaves, and dresses nice. Gunn challenged Rocky to a fight, Rocky accepted and drew first blood(Couldn't help but throw in the Rambo reference) The only thing Gunn could've been arrested for is maybe disturbing the peace He's a great character actor. First time I saw him on screen was in The Last Boy Scout, where he played a scumbag detective who was Bruce Willis buddy, but was secretly banging his wife. I know right. He only looks so unhinged because he couldn't make it to an all you can eat $12.99 prime rib buffet