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Poster child of nu era hollywood suck a 10/10 film i used to think this was Nolan's worst wish it was just the shining lookalikes the whole time instead of grown up drunk danny an excellent follow up to Casino Every black celebrity in hollywood and music seems to be in good with Farrakhan never funny tired of time travel shit movie holds up because easily a 7/10 View all posts >


weliveinatwilightworld?? his awful tagline "don't think, feel" is all you really need to know. A farcical pretentious way of saying turn your brain off. Either Nolan is a fool or he thinks the audience is. character, plot, execution of action scenes, not having expository dialogue that actually explains things instead of spinning wheels, doing a crazy mind bender plot without it sucking or making no sense, having a point or actual message, etc etc cuz they knew it would bomb so he gets 2 dollars dunkirk was his second best and tenet is his second worst. INVERSION it honestly doesn't deserve to be financially successful. nolan should feel bad making so many simple mistakes in the film that he usually gets right in all the rest yep this 100% View all replies >