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Despite being an amazing movie and "not making it about race" screen shot comparison shows Post your list of BOTW RLM films you've managed to get your hands on. found this gem Sorry Ryan Johnson but subverting expectations isnt... blaming JJ for the rise of the Skywalker View all posts >


oh A troll not that's buying big guns to overcompensate LOOL. aww the doggy wants more attention, good cucky when you ant intellectually overcome a person you disagree with "why are you angry" "why do you are so much" lol keep doing. I half your age and twice as smart apparently but if god created everyone and everything and knows everything he created you not to be someone who can repent.. wow this fantasy novel makes no sense I mean religion I dont have a tiny gun I have to overcompensate over with a metal one LOL. lol exactly. pedophiles who believe in god go to hell. moral upstanding people who have helped others and dont great in this world go to hell if they dont believe. what a great religion! I agree with others. you are a really poor Poe/troll I know you dont argue with boys. by your own admission you get unmanned by them and embarrassed. you run away then nip at the heels like a little beta hahahahhahahahahahaha. is this how your real life works too? yes science can answer why a highly social, highly intelligence ape would live in a society and seek pleasure.. not sure the confusion..... hahahahaha ive intellectually cucked you. You dont even have arguments anymore. you degenerated into literal nonsensical babble hahahahahah. bye bye cuck enough attention for you :) come back when you figure out the difference between faith and assertions and evidence and good reasons to believe. View all replies >