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Would have went to VNam and got his dick shot off Rosanne remake is a train wreck. They needed to do S7 straight up. Final year of high school. cannot possibbly rate seasons. Certain eps from each season are fantastic. Chongs delivery ep S6 is one of the best. Becky Slater was a violent bitch. Men do it its a crime. Double standards aka feminist whinge. It was set in the early 60's which is accurate for the time. Have an outrage elsewhere. No way. Kevin had his idiot moments but doesnt everyone. Wayne was a complete douche for the first 3-4 seasons. Watch it again No way. Karen was nasty weirdo. Terrible character Winnie was being a bitch. Kevin should have let her go. Yep. everytime. next Nah. Winnies lines were often quite weak. Her character was no where near dominant but important. Wayne was an a**hole for the first 3 season but his character was awesome in the last 2 seasons. Yeah there were some weak moments generally but if you love nostalgia, a great series. View all replies >