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Are you referring to the British documentary? This "he never seems unduly bothered about the murder accusations whenever it's brought up in front of him." This is a really good observation and possibly the biggest contributor to Booth's manliness. It's not that he doesn't need to to prove his innocence, he doesn't want too... It's almost like he is carrying a burden, not because he is guilty. But rather because the burden enables his to have a more humble/realistic outlook on life (a romantic/mysterious/magic one)... He isn't killing ppl left and right, not because he can't. But rather because he can(he took on that dangerous possibility), but will not do it... That is true sacrifice/manliness [ ] could there be other reasons for not getting away with innocence is essential??? (maybe because when you try to make it look like you are not stealing, you look like you are stealing... Same with trying to prove innocence... **When you have something to hide, like try to watch a movie (you try to make do with devices of man), you do not rely on divine Mercy... Refer to txt message)** Manly work is not glamorous (for there is nothing to prove), there is also no reward to see at the end of hard and risky work. The hidden/humble stuntman has only a silver bullet to bite and make it happen, without any reward or recognition... Because any reward or recognition would kill the magic of the underdog/lead (that audiences are lead to believe, has superpowers). Thats why you do not try to prove your innocence/softness because the life you live is lethal if immodest/exposed... (you become the antichrist/daddy/beast) But it is his stunt double that is his divine intervention, and to do that kind of work is manly... This reminds me of Christ A stuntman needs a dangerous rumor to be reminded of to remember that he is capable (has the power for) great/explosive evil, and needs to be careful, and keep his room clean and put in order. He is not a saint by default, and in this way is not free/innocent from murder/explosions... that are needed when performing stunts (magical acts of divine intervention that cannot overpower and kill the actors/scene) for this reason he cannot carelessly expect his powers to be hidden if his room is a mess... For Power is alive View all replies >