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The final bell of the school year. Not much beats that feeling as a kid! So that's what Pink was really mad about, he wanted a raise! I'm right there with ya. Although that GTO was pretty sweet too. Love those late 60's/early 70's muscle cars! Yeah, about the fifth time I watched it I was like wait, what did she just do? And played it back a couple of times. To me that is weird because she could have just asked him if he would smoke it with her. Really doesn't mesh with the rest of her character. It's not explicitly stated, but I think it's pretty certain they are talking about Jodi. Didn't see it when it came out, probably the lousy marketing failed to pull me in. Saw some reference to it online recently saying it was good and then stumbled onto it in the cable listings so set it to record. Watched it and instantly fell in love with it. Really captures the essence of the time and yeah what a great soundtrack. And because he bit the bullet and got it over with, his reward was everything else that happened the rest of the night. Pink never would have given him a ride home and invited him out otherwise. Clearly they were into each other. I originally thought she was testing him. Would he cheat with her and therefore would cheat on her later? But maybe you are right, she wanted him to say he would dump her. By the way, she did also steal a joint out of his pocket while they were kissing. Did she do it just to steal his weed? View all replies >