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The writers ruined Myra's character.... Was Wilma 'just call me Billie' really that bad that.... (SPOILERS) Elizabeth Sanders, Garth Buckley and Lord Henry.... Louis' fate (in the novel) False Arrest episode. Why does everyone on here think that the cops were supposed to put two and two together? Out of all the five stories (SPOILERS)... View all posts >


Before she had Alice, I could MAYBE see Roz being attracted to Bulldog and giving him a chance. Once she became a mother though, Roz started behaving more like a responsible parent. Sure she may still have had her little 'flings' now and then, but don't forget she fell hard for Roger and was heartbroken when he dumped her (or they broke up mutually, forgot which it was). She had reached the stage where she would have welcomed a long-term relationship, something she was not going to get from Bulldog. Bulldog had a certain sort of charm about him, but at the end of the day, I can't see him wanting to settle down with any one woman. He might have somewhat respected Roz, but as already been stated, he wasn't above sabotaging her dates or trying to manipulate her to get her into bed with him. He would really have to start to mature and start to treat her and any other woman he was attracted to like a person with real feelings and not another knot in his bedpost. Frankly, I'm wouldn't hold my breath on that. Absolutely not. First of all, Lou made it clear that Will was not nor would he ever be his first priority when he brushed him off for a job and just walked away the last time he showed up. Second, I can't see Will forgiving and forgetting his father walking out on him a second time, especially when he already tried giving his dad a second chance, and Lou totally blew it by leaving, proving he did not want to make a full time commitment to be more active in his son's life. Third, Lou is a deadbeat scumbag, but even he wouldn't be stupid enough to return after Vivian warned him not to come back into Will's life if he chose to walk out on him again. Phillip and Vivian would kick Lou's butt if they ever found out he tried to contact Will again. I actually prefer Steve (at least when he was still a regular cast member), because his comedic timing with Al was a bit more subtle. Having said that, in real life it would make more sense that Al and Jefferson would be more suited as buddies, they were more like two peas in a pod than Al and Steve. The majority on here seems to be that everyone isn't particularly fond of Carla. I actually really, really like Carla. Was she a bit too mean at times, absolutely but that's what made her Carla. She had an in-your-face attitude about her and while I can understand that may turn off some people, she was at least honest about it. I hate to say this but my least favorite was Rebecca. She did show some promise during her first season on CHEERS, but she grew to be more desperate and despondent as the show went on. While I understand Sam lusting after her on her first two seasons on the show, but by the end of the series I can't imagine him wanting a long term relationship with her. I don't blame Kirstie Alley though, it was the writers who ruined her character. Vanessa isn't particularly a favorite character of mine, but I think it's just the way she's written. Nancy isn't really that bad an actress actually. I do like her a bit more in other movies/shows she's done. I think she was a bit funnier on BECKER, even though she was only on the final 2 seasons and replaced the far more popular Terry Farrell (who played Reggie). I enjoyed her quarreling with Ted Danson's John Becker more than her squaring off with hubby Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) on LAST MAN STANDING. I do like LAST MAN STANDING but I always felt that Vanessa was the weakest link. But as I said I believe that's more due to the writers' style of writing. Nancy just plays the role as it's put down on paper. I loved Sam and Diane together, yet at the same time I have to agree they were just too different to be able to have a truly long lasting and stable relationship. Of course even when two people do have a lot in common together, it's no guarantee they're going to work out either. I always thought Frasier and Lilith had a better shot of it than Sam and Diane yet they didn't make it either. So because Mel was a sophisticated, wealthy doctor and Daphne just a 'poor, uncultered' employee that made Mel a better match for Niles? Now who's being superficial? Just because Daphne didn't share Niles' interests, she had something much more valuable to him that neither Maris nor Mel had one iota of....a good heart, and a warm sensitivity. That's what made her a better mate for him than either woman. And Daphne worked for Frasier, NOT Niles. Frasier definitely drastically changed when he returned to Seattle. I love both CHEERS and FRASIER, but truth be told if I had a choice of Frasier the bar-swinging doc, to Frasier the insufferably snobbish radio psychiatrist to hang out with, I'd choose the former. I have a feeling that Martin also would have preferred the Frasier of Cheers, whereas Niles would have been horrified to see his older brother 'lower himself' by socializing with a bunch of folks who had nothing else to do but sit on their bums, drink beer and discuss such trivial subjects as to why the castaways never shot Gilligan on Gilligan's Island. I have no idea who actually did the painting. Though I do find it ironic that it was a stupid portrait, and not another woman, that broke up Sam and Diane. I love the I'm OK, You're Defective ending, but unfortunately the FRASIER series kind of null and voids it, as Frasier has divorced Lilith and moved to Seattle (unless you want to believe they got back together some point after the show ended). I also love Diane carrying up Cliff up the stairs as well. Also the ending where Alex Trebek shows up at Cheers after Cliff totally blew all his winnings during Final Jeopardy. Trebeck confesses that Cliff scares him just as much as Cliff does Norm and everyone else at Cheers! View all replies >