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How do I fix my yellow stained teeth? How do I manage responding to forum responses better? What is wrong with my body? What hairstyle does this guy have? How dangerous is it to let someone give you a facial? Hey, what's yopur favorite thing to eat when you're hiungry? Film festivals -- does anyone know if... View all posts >


No, unfortunately I haven't. I heard the Honda CRV 2020 model is supposed to be a good one. How is the older 2005 one? I've been wanting a nice SUV for myself, but don't know which one's I look forward to trying to get for myself -- if I ever learn how to drive, and get my driver's license. That's easier said than done. Here's an example of the stuff i don't understand well. ? I personally don't want to sleep with my bare ass touching the bed lol, and it feels more comfortable to me to sleep with clothes on. Lol. Not necessarily, since I am black lol. Sorry it bothers you. :-) Hey, Thank you for your advice and opinions. I've been concerned about this situation for a while, and have had a hard time trying to figure out how to clean my living space. I'll take your advice, and try to apply it to my life as well as possible. I'm sorry I should have been more descriptive. What I'm planning to open is a casual dining place that serves meatloaf has his primary menu item, and prides itself on serving various variations of it. But the reason why I was asking about breakfast is because I want the restaurant to be open for breakfast hours until dinner hours, and while I was sure that I would be serving meatloaf items during lunch and during dinner -- during breakfast I was trying to figure out what type of items should I sell, how should I sell them, how many should I sell, and how should I arrange them on the menu, and that's why I asked about courses. Courses are traditionally found on lunch menus and dinner menus at a lot of restaurants, and I was wondering if I should organize my breakfast menu in that way as well, then maybe have some items on there that would have been meatloaf as well -- the things would be appropriate for breakfast -- but I didn't mention that before. I hope that clarifies things a little bit. Thank you. View all replies >