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It was cheap and I only buy movies that interests me. I watch new movies very rarely in theater nowadays. The last movie I watched in theater was Joker in 2019. That was just before covid. Well, I'm going to find out soon. Just ordered blu-ray and it should arrive in a few days. I have high expectations and I'm sure I'll enjoy it more than Dunkirk and Tenet. You can usually see in the first 15 minutes if the movie is for you... It's good, but not as good as Casino Royale (2006) was for Bond franchise. Probably because of budgetary reasons. Thunderball seemed like a more expensive production. EON and Bond franchise had to grow first in order to handle more expensive projects. It's nice that he makes those concert pieces and I like them, but he seems to follow always the same formula. And I also like how he produced his soundtrack albums to be pleasant listening experience. I like complete soundtrack albums, but not a fan of rigid chronological order of tracks. Soundtrack album is and should be a separate piece of art. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Yep, some people just need 20 years to realize that. I think it had too much of typical Spielberg's adventurous humour. Needed to be 100% serious, now it was only 90% or maybe 95%. That's why I like Munich more. It was almost 100% serious, didn't offer easy solutions or answers to difficult questions. It was more complex than Schindler's List in which we all knew who the bad guys were. Tootsie and The Goonies. That's probably all that I know from him. View all replies >