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Boring dickman... Looks like... No Hannibal, why not? Confusing as hell... The best Bond poster? Kamala means "terrible" in Finnish Should have been 4 hrs with an intermission I liked the first and last 10 minutes (not counting the credits) From The Duellists to The Last Duel? Rewatched just recently View all posts >


Nah, one of the best posters ever. Big deal, they can't do Halloween movies anymore anyhow... Universal Soldier with Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren was funny and entertaining. That's the only movie from Roland that I consider re-watchable. He should stick to mature themed movies (like Munich, Bridge of Spies and Schindler's List). His days of kiddie friendly movies are long past. Without the robots this would have been a decent halloween story. I think the robot aspect was unnecessary and could have been easily edited out. In Alien they were on a spaceship, so they couldn't wound or kill the alien even if they had weapons (which they didn't). Maybe aliens also behave differently in a herd. The marines were outnumbered and didn't have a clue how smart these aliens were. It was clearly a siege situation in Aliens (especially in the longer director's cut). Good supply of body bags... Rottentomatoes doesn't know shit, and neither do IMDb reviewers. Why everything has to be explained in a movie? No wonder movies are so braindead nowadays... It was a bad baad place for droids. That was the information I got from the scene and I think it was enough. In the mouth of madness, if not counting Masters of horror tv-episodes. View all replies >