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I'm not saying Showgirls was a very good movie, but it was more interesting piece of work than Total Recall or Hollow Man from the same director. Lynch's version had a better cast, better music and better atmosphere, but the last 60 minutes were pure crap. Villeneuve's version didn't excel in any area, but it was more even and probably benefits from longer running time (when the second movie comes out). I especially like the trip to Arrakis scene in Lynch's version, it has great mood, but in Villeneuve's version it was just a blink and you miss it moment. I'm a non-musician and noticed it when I last time rewatched it. Will be always remembered as Das Boot director. Troy was also ok, but had a lot to apology for Air Farce One. RIP. No The Dead Zone? His best work and the best Stephen King adaptation. I have Scanners Videodrome The Dead Zone The Fly Dead Ringers eXistenZ History of Violence He made his best works in the 80's. Is it cool to hate something popular? I see John Williams (the composer). As long as they don't walk and run backwards, I'm fine with it. Its a fantasy story/movie. We ain't talking national geography stuff here. Not very old. RIP. I still remember Xanadu-poster in cinema from my childhood. View all replies >