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No, you won't. Wait, hold it. Now it's "bring my chimp to the ER." Okay, you win. You've seen the show more than I have. I had forgotten about all that prenatal stuff. And, yeah, I realized Carter and Peter had a different relationship than Romano and Peter, but it was similar. Oh, and I'll have what she's having. Carter, Luka, Green, Lockhart, Hathaway, Finch, Del Amico Scratch that. Now the expression is did the show "reveal it's lesbian lover's baby"? I don't know if the judicial system screwed him that much. He wasn't the child's true father. To me, the other guy had just as much, if not more, right to him. As far as Romano/Peter Peter/Carter relationships, you could almost say the same thing about the former as the later, in that the more experienced doctor pushed the younger one hard so that he would excel. I'm not sure that's how you do it. And if Peter didn't like Romano doing it to him, he shouldn't have done it to Carter. But this was the last time he might ever see Carter, and he tells him he's not a good doctor. Kind of cold. Though he did flash him a smile so maybe he didn't mean it. I don't know if it's the most realistic, but it might be the best. I would start with season 1. Moonlighting Ally McBeal The Practice The West Wing Studio 60: Live on the Sunset Strip The Newsroom Picket Fences Boston Legal Sports Night Breaking Bad Dexter House of Lies Californication Curb Your Enthusiasm I'm Dying Up Here The Good Wife Fire Fly Castle Monk ER Cheers Taxi Friends The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Real Time with Bill Maher The Colbert Report Late Night with David Letterman Monty Python's Flying Circus Impractical Jokers That's interesting. The character he played seemed so easy going. I agree with those who said Firefly and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip I would add I'm Dying Up Here View all replies >