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Nate Parker is a vile rapist. If you actually care to learn the whole story and look at the facts you might not defend him. He blamed his upbringing saying he did not know that not being able to consent was was like saying no. If a woman is unconscious, that does not been you should have sex with her. Is it is basic decency and logic. Also once the victim reported the rape, Parker hired a PI to spread rumors and put out notices that the victim was promiscuous. After the allegations came out Parker refused to say he regretted anything (including the suicide of the victim, which according to the family Parker was partially to blame. Wesley Snipes cheated on his taxes. He even tried to claim religious exoneration but stated he created a religion. At trail he showed no remorse and said he was only being convicted because he was black and famous. No. You were convicted because you believed you were special and you did not need to pay millions of dollars in taxes. Will Smith assaulted someone plain and simple. No one took these celebrities away. They clearly made terrible mistakes and are living with the consequences. That fact that you think these actors were taken away by either audiences or society just because they are black shows how much of a twisted logic you have. Thanks f someone said the same thing you did but replaced black with white and named white actors you would be calling them racist. Let’s correct it and call you a racist, which I think is accurate. Fair enough. I did not care for the movie at all. I would have liked if it picked a style and stuck with it. At one point Bruce Willis is using the f word and the they have childish slapstick with sound effects. Not to mention the story was jumping around with characters coming in and out of the picture. I am not sure who this was made for. It was not the worst movie ever, as some claim, but I can definitely see why the movie failed at the box office. I would just think that with the crazy of quantity of movies he was doing for so many years that it would of been paid off quicker, but I guess the penalties it was really hurt. At least he has them all paid off now. Bump He ruled the country and ordered the deaths. So, technically in a court of law, if he survived he would of been found guilty during the Nuremberg Trails and sentenced to death. Probably because he is lay out rude to people that may have recognized him. I mean him talking about how a guy may have recognized him and how Lance was openly unpleasant and hostile. I get if you are a huge star or something, but Lance is not. I know who he is and I am sure other people do, but the majority of the public probably would not recognize the name. It is sad that he died and 60 is a young age to pass away. Especially for on someone who was actively promoting an upcoming film and as far as the media is concerned was not barreling an illness. No. I would not have posted it right after the guy died. People are still mourning him. It would be in bad taste to do it immediately after he passed. Comparing Lance Reddick to Hitler is way out of line. Hitler was a mass murdering dictator. The only thing they had in common is that they had huge egos and were narcissistic. Yes. It is very sad that he is dead and my thoughts are with his loved ones. However, I did post this three years ago. I would not have have done so now. I know. It is sad how terrible people can be with no repercussions and how it is okay to say things like that. There is a lot of people I hate and cannot stand but I would never wish dead upon them. Yeah. I saw one of the videos of the paparazzi filming him when he was getting coffee and he hit one of camera men. Then he said something like “No. I’m not gonna hit you. You’re not worth it.” I know the paparazzi are very annoying and sneaky, but you were just filmed physically attacking someone. That is a clear lawsuit right there and it makes you out as the bad guy. Just like I thought, you have no proof. Don’t make up or pretend to have facts, because someone will call you out on them and you be left humiliated with no credibility. Just because someone is rich does not make them conservative or republican. Name me 5 well known actors, directors, writers, or producers and I will triple that number with liberals. Who cares about Bill Maher. He is a smug condescending jerk. If he heard you say he is not on the left he would laugh at you and call you stupid (I would agree with him on this count). Nice to know you just make stuff up with no information to back it up. You probably think “if I think it’s true it probably is.” Hollywood is deninetly liberal to say otherwise just shows how facts mean nothing to you. Also, the only one who showed any kind of sympathy for Will Smith (himself a democrat) was Bradley Cooper (a democrat) and Denzel Washington (a democrat). No of the people you mentioned liked Trump or were thinking about him. Do you have a valid argument against this or are you just going to make some more crap up? You have no idea what you are talking about. No one on the right supported Will Smith. 95% of the people at the Oscar ceremony that were clapping when Smith accepted his award are liberal. Just because you want something to be true because it fits into your narrow minded attitude does not make it a fact. LOL! Definitely. It is not for everybody but it expertly made with a great central performance. It is also a film that sits with you long after seeing it and leaves you with a variety of questions. Yes, he does liberally take from other movies, but his is open about it. Although, it is quite obvious so I do not think denying it would do any good. I liked “Kill Bill.” Not his best but it is well made and entertaining. “Death Proof” is by far his worst and using the excuse that it was just meant to be a cheesy exploitation movie is lame. The movie is sub-par and not really ever engaging. Planet Terror is how you do a well made and fun cheesy exploitation film. The fact that you are giving credit to Keith Olbermann shows how twisted your ideology is. Olbermann said that Fox News has hurt American than Al-Qaeda and is more dangerous than the foreign terrorist group. What a class act. I wouldn’t say that blacks are asking for handouts, they clearly are not. But Spike Lee is a known racist, if you actually care to do research you can see how much of a despicable person he is. He will even slam fellow black actors or filmmakers who are more successful than him saying they “sold out” or are appealing to the audience’s “lowest common denominator.” Also for people who says he makes movies about white people: he did not write the 25th Hour and if Summer of Sam was made today and the characters were black and the director white, the filmmaker would be canceled and the movie shelved. Every person in that movie is either a moron, a coward, a jerk, or extremely promiscuous. Sometimes they are all of those things at once. Also get off your high horse. Your “whites like you” is a disgusting thing to say. For someone who hates racist, you really are one. Finally, I would like to know what your views on the President are now considering Biden voted twice for bills that supported segregation, has made every wrong decision possible and has below 39% approval rating? You seem like a hateful racist with a huge chip on your shoulder. You should probably visit the Louis Farrakhan page where you will feel more at home with like minded people. “Not be judgmental.” That is a joke coming from a hateful person like you.