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You’re on Biden’s page about Biden. The orinal poster did not even bring up Trump. I never said that you cannot get COVID if you get once. Look at my last post and tell me when I said that? You obviously have no proof and use lies to back up your narrative. Tell me once where Trump said he wanted people to get infected with COVID and die? You also can’t because it never happened. This conversation is over because you cannot support your argument with facts and you are a troll as another already pointed out and I am not going to give you anymore attention. You clearly are making up lies by saying Trump tried to infect and kill as many Americans as possible. I was typing on a phone and it was a typo, but you knew what I meant. You never responded to why Biden would be a better alternative President, but since you just make up lies and ignore reality when it does not fitcyour narrative, I really have no interest in what your ignorant and false reply would be. You are acting like COVID was created by Trump. It was not. It did not even originate in the United States. Trump also never got the COVID shot during his term as he ending up contracting COVID. Again, you cannot gun a country when there is a lockdown or when a major pandemic is occuring. The only one who has not told the truth here is you. Yes. The whole country was shut down. Do you remember it was a lockdown. You take the pandemic out of the equation and Biden’s economy is much worse. My claim is not a lie. It must be nice living in denial like you. Also you must be part of the 37 percent that likes Biden. That is embarrassing since every choice he has made during his presidency has been a disaster. Not a MAGA, but the economy was much better. Sad, that you are grasping at straws now to try and support Biden. Spending more money on safety with worse results. You did when you said you have not done conclusive research. Also, your point is irrelevant when costs were cut and far less deaths and injuries happened. Really unfortunate idea throwing around money to unions when the economy is this bad. You just admitted that you have not researched this at all. Yet you claim the Trump has much more lax safety regulations that Biden because his billionaire buddies told him to. You clearly do not like Trump based on personality rather than policies because you did not do any research and have no idea what you are talking about. They should feel happy. No one wants to be friends with an arrogant, ignorant, hypocritical, unfunny, talentless hack. Everything he is a part of loses quality due to his presence. I watched it and loved it. I have no problem with slow moving films. My niece on the other hand, wouldn’t be able to get through it. This movie was quite bad. It is easily Scorsese’s worst film. View all replies >