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What happened to this guy Based on its infamous reputation Tv series with the biggest drop in quality Great filmmaker, but his narcissism and ego are really off putting So many questions not answered (Spoilers) Justin Long's character Easily cut 15 minutes Easily cut 15 minutes Why does he not do ADR on movies he produces and writes? Just saw it...People will probably hate it due to marketing View all posts >


Those are mainly cult films (maybe not Dogma, but that had controversy brewing even pre-release). While she has never been a star, I definitely you knew who Janeane Garofalo was. Cloud Atlas was hit and miss with the characters Hanks is portraying. His worst performances in my opinion are The Ladykillers and Elvis. Yeah, but his story had so many inconsistencies and made no sense when you actually think about it. I think he should be banned from the Academy Awards, but I can only think of 2 movies he was in. The Mighty Ducks (I am found of it mainly for nostalgic purposes) and Alien Covenant (subpar film and it only really had a chance with technical awards where I do not think you need an actor who was in the movie for very limited time to attend. Yes, but there is no way he would of even be nominated for an Oscar, he is not good actor. Nope. It’s true. Stallone backs up the story since it started in his house when Van Damme challenged Seagal since that latter was trashing him in the press. However at the time Van Damme was addicted to coke spending up to 10,000 a week on it according to him. No Fanny & Alexander? I thought that was one of his best. Although the ones you listed are great. Although I cannot speak for Autumn Sonata as I have not seen it. Yes, it’s pretty entertaining. An above average thriller Nic Cage I get. Al Pacino? You have to have be on something first to return to it again. Wow, even with your twisted logic you cannot support the liberal decision. View all replies >