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Really likes that Kamala Harris pick! (post not overtly political, really) Did they strap down Winstead's chest for this? The mind of Billy McFarland Why would you want someone to call you by their own name? Updates? Holds up fairly well on a rewatch years later. Is her usefulness running out? Not the next Tom Cruise... Worst/Unhealthiest meals? His methods aren't conventional, View all posts >


That's good. I didn't love the movie but the cast was solid. I agree. I think I might send a strongly worded letter to Ron Howard and the writers telling them to "be better". She looks great in this, yeah. Romancing the Stone isn't as well known as Indiana Jones, but it was a pretty big hit at the time. Just a little nitpick. I'd rate it ahead of The Last Jedi, Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. It might be the most disappointing, because there was a lot of potential there. I liked the cast a lot, including the guy they brought in to play Solo. Instead we got some weird implied romance between Lando and Solo being one upped by the female characters. Fucking Disney. Yeah, I don't care about their opinions either. I just thought it was funny. It was so over the top I thought maybe she was goofing on celebrities who announce their political views on social media like they matter. Yeah, I think the stories are probably true. I'm just trying to say that the media giving the stories so much coverage recently might have something to do with her being friendly with Republicans like Bush and saying that conservatives aren't all terrible people, etc. I remember DeGeneres getting in trouble with the woke left for being friendly with some Republicans, like Bush, actually. I wonder if that had anything to do with the stories about her being a mean girl behind the scenes getting traction with the media. I love her name. BB has better music, is funnier, and has the two greatest car chases (in one movie) in the history of movie making. View all replies >