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Solid premise Really likes that Kamala Harris pick! (post not overtly political, really) Did they strap down Winstead's chest for this? The mind of Billy McFarland Why would you want someone to call you by their own name? Updates? Holds up fairly well on a rewatch years later. Is her usefulness running out? Not the next Tom Cruise... Worst/Unhealthiest meals? View all posts >


Yeah. It's kind of an older movie so a lot of people may not have seen it. I put it in spoilers because some might care, others don't and it's a mystery who the killer is. People who don't care about spoilers from a movie made in the early 80s can look. <spoiler>the original friday the 13th had a female killer. Jason's mother, not Jason</spoiler> John Cock...toast...en cracked me up. I used to be more of a reader. I keep meaning to get to some books I've got, but haven't yet. Keep getting distracted. Got to agree on Applegate. She was sort of the definitive big haired, fake blonde, 80s gal. Lesbian divorce rates are pretty high, I was told. If that's true, I think they can beat the odds. Such a beautiful couple. He's a transphobe and anti-science. He actually believes that trans women have an unfair advantage in competitive sports! She's internalized the misandry? Still a lame plot twist, but it does make more sense that they were two different characters! I always thought it'd be fun to do a 80s style horror movie with kind of offbeat Coen brothers humor. Unfortunately, I don't think I've got the talent, which is why I'm here instead of writing a screenplay. :) View all replies >