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<blockquote>angry white man [...] dumb as fuck [...] obsessed [...] to indoctrinate [...] too much brainwashing [...] monkee</blockquote> You seem really triggered 😄 Agreed. A pawn doesn't become a queen for reaching the 8th row. Ze was a trans-queen the whole time. And the pawn who is in front of the bishop. Is the altar boy? If a bishop takes another bishop, does it take it from behind? And when it takes a queen? If the queen and the king divorce, who get the rooks? If a pawn gets to the 8th row and becomes a queen, does that mean that the king is cheating? Quite the opposite. Trump board was open to hate comments for almost 4 years of presidency. If mods apply the same standard, they should allow the same type of comments in the Biden one until 2024. It was Jews' fault for not adapting to the times and learning how to breath in a gas atmosphere. Holy shit. It looks awfully similar. 0.4% of the population seems highly exaggerated. The proportion has been always around a 0.01%. If you check Indian third gender, which is the same than the western concept of 'trans', and which has been traditional there for centuries, it's a similar proportion. I could accept that it can be a bit higher in reality. 40 times higher?? No way. That feels more like the usual psychiatric fashionable trend. A couple of decades ago, everybody had PTSD. Then every kid has ADHD. It seems the new trend is to have Gender Dysphoria. 10-20 years from now, it'll be something else. Nope. I feel curious, though. I'm gonna watch it. I checked the trailer and it seemed to pander both sides, pandering the left with the bad guys being male and the mc being a female, and pandering the right with some slightly military feeling. Dude, that was the 90s, where you needed one black secondary in the group. In a 4-5 people group, you usually had 3-4 white people and the mandatory black one, which used to be a secondary character. Right now the usual template in Hollywood is (1) good characters: a white female, a black male, a black female, a couple of hispanic males/females and an (generally ugly) asian female (2) evil characters: multiple white males. I have the Ikea one. Love it That pickup line would have made her wet. She would have started to run without taking the umbrella. It's more woke stuff. Three characters. 1. A person who once faced a serial killer 2. A person who tries to find a missing daughter 3. A serial predator. Now, given the trend in modern Hollywood, try to guess the genders of the characters (1), (2) and (3). Is there some white male in the group? Which one? If you know modern Hollywood, probably you're gonna get it right. This is not a movie, but it's worth a watch. I got it recommended by youtube a few weeks ago. It's a match that happened in Taiwan about 5 years ago, including Jean-Michel Saive, former worldwide #1. It has become probably the most popular ping pong match in history, and it's probably the funniest official match in a competition ever. Agreed. The alternative to Hollywood shouldn't be differently flavored political movies. They should be either just good fun or thought provoking movies (not every movie has to be a pop-corn one). However, they should be politically neutral. People are sick of entertainment being just political/religious propaganda. She has been fired and blacklisted by the mainstream industry for not sharing the political-religious woke beliefs. She's not playing the victim. She <b>is</b> a victim. I would have enjoyed it after winter soldier. Right now, it's kinda late. Add to that the behavior of Disney last years. The Gina Carano incident was the last straw. I'll pass. I you don't like the exam, you can always decide not to come. From: <blockquote>The lawsuit said the incidents occurred <b>in a master class on sex scenes</b> that Franco taught at Studio 4, which opened in 2014 and closed in 2017.</blockquote> So they attend a class to learn how to act sex scenes, and they complain about having to act sex scenes. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I come from a (partially) communist family. It's a system with lots of flaws. But one thing I can tell you: wokeness is no communism, it's different and much worse. Soviet Union was a totalitarian regime, but it was able to have a cold war with US in his prime and send the man to the space. Modern woke US would be completely wiped out by old 50s/60s meritocratic US and even by the old Soviet Union. ^This^