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Trump pledges $500B to black communities; designates KKK, Antifa as ‘terrorist organizations’ Why was Season 1 so different than the rest? Unemployment nearly at 15%: Congrats China, Democrat Governors So it was all the GM's ego? The Moment the Simpsons ruined Homer For those who read the book I really hope In the beginning of the movie Not a fan of the season five finale If this was an official EON production, where would you rank it? View all posts >


Don't worry, more ballots will be printed up and found in Fulton county to avoid a recount. Can't wait for the two run off Senate races to go through the same bs Voter fraud is very real. Counties coming in over 100% turnout, ballots being found in early hours of the am, all for Biden. SharpieGate in AZ. Of course, the Dems cooked up a bunch of ballots. No you moron, they are preparing for antifa and the left. You know, the same group that had been rioting for months until it started to negatively affect Joe Biden You seem unhinged Pence destroyed Harris. All Harris could do is regurgitate the same tired lies that the left has. No facts, no substance. Called out on banning of fracking and awful Green Deal. Couldnt anwser about packing tbe Supreme Court. Trump should take debate notes from Pence, but Trumps is an idiot and will do whatever he wants. Guess not. Too busy saving America No one cares. Trump is the man and Biden gonna embarrass himself at the debate. The left is getting worried, they know they can't win. If the guy legally paid what was owed, what is the problem 9/11 was Bill Clinton's fault. Had the chance to kill Bin Laden, passed on it View all replies >