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I am sure Trump is involved with that as well. There are many pictures of Trump and Epstein together. And judging from the things that Trump has said about his own daughter, I wouldn't be surprised if was incestual. After Trump goes to prison, he might suffer the same fate as Epstein, however; he will need a much thicker rope. Down with them all! As a self-proclaimed "Bernie Bro", I say "touche" That is pretty funny! Well maybe he will try to nuke the next hurricane. The hurricane season will be here right before the election. That could send a radioactive hurricane to the gulf states invalidating the election and Trump could be president forever and ever and ever and ever. I meant in the presidential race, not a senate race, but yeah I do remember her. I think there are some congressional seats still held by democrats. I think there will be more in future because of Californians moving there. Yeah Texas won't vote for them anymore, but they'll vote for Ted Cruz. I am tired of people that want to discredit a socialist system always going to Cuba and Venezuela as the "socialist standard"? These countries were poor to begin with before socialism. Socialism did not make them that way. Why not bring up France, Germany, Canada or Denmark which have socialized medical system and have a very high standard of living? If you want to talk about poverty in the world, spend some time in rural Kentucky or West Virginia. They may as well be third world countries and they are in a capitalist system. I think it gives your arguement a fatal flaw when you keep pounding out the extreme in an any arguement. I can talk about capitalist countries, like Haiti that has the poorest standard of living in the Western Hempsphere and say look what capitalism does to a country. There are very very opulant parts of Haiti, but the rest of the country lives in extreme poverty. America is headed that way. People cannot live without credit cards today because capitalism exploits the masses. You cannot trade your way out of a class system. That is a capitalist lie. We still export more goods than any country on earth, create more billionaires than ever, have the highest GDP and have 40 million uninsured people. People working two jobs and live paycheck to paycheck and it's only getting worse. From my experience, I have noticed that people who are extremely homophobic are either closeted homosexuals themselves or have been sexually abused. I don't know any heterosexual, healthy men that are that homophobic. Some might feel uncomfortable with homosexuality, but someone that hates it that badly is dealing with his own demons <b>Prices of goods are not determined by the American government, and that's a good thing.</b> It's a good thing that working people cannot afford the basics like prescription drugs or health insurance? Without credit cards (which were only for the weathly until the 1980's) there would be almost no middle class or at least no lower middle class. Actually though, without credit we would have no economy at all. Either companies would have bring their prices down or pay people more money to avoid a depression. But what happens when people who live paycheck to paycheck go into bankruptcy? What will that do to the economy? I used to be a capitalist (or at the least, believed in a laissez-faire economy), but now I think gov't has to play more of role in the economy. I don't think the markets are capable of self regulation anymore. To me credit cards are a pacifier in a crying baby's mouth. If you give people credit, then they do not realize that they are poor, so they keep spending money that they don't have and companies will still show a profit, don't have to give raises or lower prices. It's a win win scenario for industry and a lose lose for consumers. That is an unbalanced system to me and anything unbalanced goes against the laws of nature and anything that goes against the laws of nature will become extinct. Before anyone starts the argument regarding personal responsibilty, I will say that most people will usually choose what they want over what they need. Also, industry makes billions even trillions off of people's poor economic decisions. How do you balance the economy that is credit based without either tipping in the direction bankruptcies and foreclosures or in the direction of less goods and services in the marketplace? My belief is gov't involvment in the price of goods and services. Goverment must fix prices of certain goods and services such as healthcare. I can't see another way except the current way which is a ticking timebomb of debt and probably another 2008 market crash. I noticed your choice of words "What" instead of "Who". If that's the case, then how about a hologram of Trump in gold rather than orange? We can just call it "Trump 2.0" or "Trump reimagined" or "Trump II: Keeping the Greatness" or maybe just a picture of Hillary Clinton coinciding with a chant of "Lock Her Up!"? I don't see why not, the awards shows are doing it without a host, why not just not have a candidate? <blockquote>but he would likely run the country into the ground with his $60 trillion budget and anti-capitalistic goals which would hurt the economy <blockquote> I think anti-capitalist goals are great for the country. Our economy would be booming like it was in the 1950's after the "new deal" and Eisenhowers 80% tax percentage. The entire interstate highway system infrastructure was built, the medicare program was established, our manufacturing flourished as did the middle class. The suburbs were invented and our military was rebuilt and our space program and nuclear weapons programs started up. Since the supply-side policies that started under Kennedy and intensified under Nixon through Reagan, the middle-class has shrunk, not any public service projects have been started, jobs have been outsourced, public schools have floundered, all while Wall Street got bail outs and taxes hit an all time low. Let's expand those "new deal / great society" policies and fortify them...Let's put an end to austerity...Let's invest some of that wealth on us for a change ... Let's "Make America Great Again"! Hmmm! I always wondered about Stern. I don't really know what camp he is in. I guess independent (if anyone really is) would be his label. I remember he ran for governor of New York in 90's as a Democrat (i think), he acts liberal because then he can get A-list hollywood stars on his show, but he has some really extreme right-wing views. I guess Howard Stern "The entertainer" and Howard Stern "The human being" are very diffferent people. I really don't put stock in anything that comes out of his mouth. He is basically a troll that talks to get attention. Would the real Howard Stern please stand up [stand up] FARTMAN! View all replies >