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With those teeth? Nah. The BLM protests were a seminal event? There I was, thinking it was a bunch of "oppressed" black people looting, destroying businesses, killing people, setting fire to things, and causing billions in damages. If anything, it was a shameful event that the hypocritical left continues to excuse. Peaceful? On your bike, Michelle Obama! Even by 1980s standards, Molly wasn't all that. She tended to look gormless. Verbally rapes? Ugh. Next! And to think that Charlotte dared to criticise Harry for his hairy back and Aidan for his belly. Oversized vagina lips are gross. It's an accurate portrayal of uptight, narrow-minded American women. *Yawns* It's a show that started in 1998. Take it for what it is. You can never please a feminist. They'll always find something to moan about. TLC>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Destiny's Child DC never made an album as influential or as praised as CrazySexyCool. Even The Writing's on the Wall - DC's highest-selling album - got mixed reviews. View all replies >