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Those phony hamburger patties are usually packed full of sodium and who knows what other chemicals. They're also ridiculously expensive. At my local supermarket they usually cost $7 to $8 for two patties. I never knew he was a Jew. In the first place, wouldn't it be anti-Semitic to assume he's one because he's shifty, which he is. For those who want a laugh watch Tom Shillue impersonate Adam Schiff on Youtube. It's both hilarious and creepy as hell. Biden also rescinded Trump's order to pull troops out of Germany. Can't have the wealthy Germans and EU pay for their own defense. I liked it, but it was too dark and dreary for the time when all the popular sci-fi was bright and colorful. Not to mention Han Solo/Indiana Jones drops the “n” word in the movie. Not related to Stephen King, but to one of his contemporaries, in "The Wurdulak" when Boris Karloff comes home after five days and sits by the fire is almost exactly copied by Robert R. McCammon in his "Salem's Lot" 1981 knockoff "They Thirst." It's a great horror book, though. Not only is it strange the Democrats can't just wait a week and he'll be out to face common criminal prosecution as an everyday citizen, but by going through a long impeachment they'll risk tying up Biden's first 100 days to get his policies through, whatever that may be. He knows he's in deep trouble now. The family of the dead will be able to sue him for all his money and win. Encouraging a violent mob and people ending up dead is about as liable as you can get. Critical Drinker is a good reviewer who knows a lot about writing, but I feel he kind of let him himself get dragged down by hanging out with those cliques of not so smart Youtubers (Nerdrotic, Doomcock, etc., etc.) I noticed his quality was better before. A good takedown I watched was Screen Rants pitch meeting for "WW84." That phrase "it's what we need right now" is how a critic says something is garbage, but don't want to jeopardize any perks they may get from the Hollywood studios. The problem is probably low IQ. I'd bet most of them chart around 80 points, a good 20 points lower than the average white Australian, and when people are that low they require either constant supervision or violent discipline to stay in line, or things like this happen. I dropped out when Negan and the Saviors came in. It was the dumbest idea when they figuratively castrated Rick Grimes and made him subservient to Negan. The writing went to crap, too, with scenarios playing out that didn't make sense, and were there just to move the plot along. I think only the lamest diehard fans, probably thirteen year olds, are left now. I always assumed that if Number 6 resisted too much he'd be killed, so he kind of played along and gave only non-violent resistance. People finally broke out of their denial. I remember "The Force Awakens" was originally praised by everyone, but now it seems that one's hated now as well. I watched it once, and tried to watch it again since it was up for free on Prime, but couldn't get past the first twenty minutes. Stallone should have gone with that crazy sci-fi storyline about Rambo taking on a genetically enhanced creature. Rambo taking on some Mexican criminal cartels seems like a downgrade from taking on the Russian Spetsnaz. First place, I was a Bernie supporter and contributor. I never supported Trump. Your believing the CIA is beyond naive. Throughout their entire history they've only been about lying and manipulating. Did you know for an accusation to be deemed "credible" by the American intelligence community is for only two people in that whole organization to say that the scenario is possible. No evidence is required. Lol back at you for thinking my VPN comment was to be taken literal, and where do you think Pompeo gets his information? Do you really think he did all the investigation personally? Or did bureaucrats tell him so? Also, the question still remains. What is the evidence besides "pretty clearly?" Some bureaucrat saying, "I think it's the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity," is not evidence. Don't you think Russia could afford a VPN if they're going to do illegal things on the Internet. Because the United States today has it's military in 150 out of 195 countries around the world claiming to be doing that for purely altruistic reasons, i.e., freedom, democracy, human rights, etc. while Russia and China admit what they do is for their selfish interests. So if you got closer to someone in a grocery store or at you job than the 6' recommended distance and some little diva started screaming "mother f**cker" at you, you'd be okay with that? Cruise's whole rant is a diva's tantrum. He claims to have to go to bed every night with the weight of the entire industry shutting down and thousands of people losing their jobs on his head. Poor Tom. He doesn't care at all for the millions of dollars he'll lose as producer. Cruise went too far when he called whomever it was he was yelling at “mother fu**ers.” And people are naive if they think he cares about lost jobs. As producer he has tens, or maybe over a hundred, of millions of dollars riding on this movie not being shutdown.