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Too bad he abandoned using his "cubist" directing style Do all those who died return to life at the end? Cane was not a prolific writer This movie doesn't even connect well with the first one So what are Biden's policies going to be? I tried to watch this again for a second time, and it's even worse this time. Why did he not kill the lawyer Longdale? The xenomorphs are too dumb in this movie Why would anyone put out-of-shape Joe Don Baker in an action hero movie? Was what Keyser Soze did all for nothing? Ozzy's constant use of the word "yeah" in their lyrics Was his sentence to 7 to 10 years for a self-defense killing believable The bad guys' motivation makes no sense and are in no way sympathetic . Was Julia a member of the Thought Police? "1917" is all hype "Keep your seat, trash" "Trans women are women:" King back pedals yet again. They never even followed established canon [spoilers]