FilmBoy's Replies

Well, we didn't see him die, so I like to think he did survive. Ya, NO-ONE had water out in the desert. Silly. Ya, I thought it WAS him until I looked it up. Has the same marbles in the mouth sound - like Holly Hunter. Good point. They made it too complicated. BWAHAHA ummm, ya - sup Clarice? The accent is annoying. As was Foster's fear the beard I thought it must be a prosthetic at first, Didn't look natural - but DAMN. I think his gut was real. yep - more than proportional demographics. Ummm...I think he was being sarcastic maybe? He must have had some history with the house before he went to jail - and hid the key there. No idea what it unlocks. Woulda been easier just to break into it tho. You went 4 eps so far? Stronger than me! Nah - even most commercials now are very WOKE. More so than in real life. I just want a more accurate representation of actual demographics. Don't forget mixed races. There usually a white/black couple with a gay child. It's like 50% of shows are projecting 2% of the population. Too much WOKE!!! "I AM SUB-ZERO" I thought he was goofing with his voice there - sounded STOOPID. I was waiting for him to break out of it and in a normal voice say 'NO SERIOUSLY, I CAN FREEZE SHIT" Really - they had to drop the F-BOMB in there right at the last second?! Kid's aren't sheltered at all anymore. They don't even try. I don't think so I don't think so