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Hauling away the ROSIE van on the flatbed UPSIDE DOWN - LOL She almost played the part too well I wanted to like this soooo bad Girl Power!!! SMH Violence Violence Violence - I loved it Holy Bait and Switch Batman! This is NOT a disaster movie The severed hand looked soooooooo fake Are we supposed to believe he was a tough guy in jail?! WOW His Wife dumped him quite easily No need for the Stiles character Gun CEO Witness So Marlee was all smiles towards Dustin Hoffman at the end after the verdict but... Jeremy Piven and Dustin Hoffman - both accused of sexual harassment in the #metoo movement Michael Nouri (Tom Beck) SO ANNOYING Popping a zit on the guys back?! Started off great! Port Perry - not Wisconsin Liking S3 better than S2 so far He held his breath for over 5 minutes?!