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Port Perry - not Wisconsin Liking S3 better than S2 so far He held his breath for over 5 minutes?! Branding So the premise of the Nurse was....WTF?! Very Cliche Shai LaBeouf got full front tattoos for this role I liked it Dinosaurs? Real Detective season 1 episode 3 DAMAGE View all posts >


I thought it was Dick at first at the bar. he totally ripped off his character. Constant heavy mascara in the movie Stop holding back and tell us what you really think - LOL great post. They don't even attempt to fake singing into a mic - LOL pure theatrics, knowing it not being sung live. I figured it out, after reading other posts. All the 'family time/lectures tour/out with the girls' scenes were flashbacks. They all happened before she was abducted. A little confusing when watching. Impressive Ya but she purposely sought out to treat only rich evil criminals, and made sure she would never treat deserving, innocent, poor victims. Her botox is 15 yrs old That Heli Pilot gets my nod for WORST ACTOR EVER Yes it is - in real life. It may look green and luscious but it wants to kill you. I watch alot of 'Naked and Afraid' reality TV shows LOL so I'm an expert. There is a tree sap somewhere, which if you touch it, makes it feel like your whole body is on fire for days. That's what I thought they were going to show in the movie when they found sap, but they just lit it on fire. View all replies >