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Does his Wife tell him to take a SHIT before the fight in this one? Elisha is still beautiful Blanks? 2020 or 2023 So in the end... Looked great on my new TV Jim Carrey and that Cane Drew Barrymore in that Lingerie S2 Confirmed Brad could have View all posts >


Becall would never say it to Bogey I'm sure. Speechless. There's a lot to unwrap here. All bad. Why did she never ask how Cassie knew the guy didn't touch her while she was passed out? And how did Cassie have a key to her room? Ya - and why take off the plates from her car? Ya, that was a tough sell. Videos like that don't stay private, AND she was in that circle of friends. I immediately noticed it to - and enjoyed it. Not sure why they put it in tho. Ya. My GAYDAR was going off, especially during the mandatory music montage. I actually stopped watching because of him - can't stand his over-acting in anything he does. This is the most subdued role I've seen him in, and it still agitates me. No subtlety about his acting. I agree. I noticed it right away. Looks like they put the gun and hands on top of another picture. Doesn't look natural. I had to keep looking away. Especially the car chase scene. The camera-work was a wreck unto itself. Intentional I know - but really annoying. I just wanted it to end. View all replies >