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Yes, after a few unverifiable stories from Vincent don't pan out, he gets a reputation as "that UFO nut" and nobody takes him seriously. It actually happened, though. That's as fair a reading of it as any. I'm sorry, but that's revisionist history. LBJ famously said that when he signed the Civil Rights Act, we has handing the South over to the Republicans for at least a generation. It's proven to be more than just one generation. The Dixiecrats went with the Republicans, which over time has become the party that harbors & encourages white racism & white supremacy. The Republicans used to be the party of civil rights to be sure--Jackie Robinson was one, actively campaigning for Richard Nixon in 1960, until the changes of the early 60s reversed things. From that point onward, the Democrats have been the party for advancing rights for all, including all previously marginalized minorities; the Republicans now boast neo-Nazis & the likes of David Duke among their avid supporters, though certainly not every Republican is that bad. There is absolutely no need to remake an acknowledged masterpiece, which is what the original film was, is, and always will be. There's something to be said for the done-in-one episode. I didn't know any of that, so thank you! Cary Grant was an underestimated actor, because he made it look so easy. I've no doubt he could have played a superb villain, and I could see him in Dial M For Murder. I think The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street has the slight edge here, just as an overall story. But having been a small boy when The Shelter first aired, I can personally testify that it also captures the pervasive underlying dread of nuclear war & paranoia all too accurately & frighteningly at that time. I was one of those countless children doing the duck & cover drills in grade school, and even then, we knew that duck & cover wouldn't do a thing to save us. And I can remember the Cuban Missile Crisis with terrible clarity--the worst part of it was seeing just how deeply frightened & terrified all the adults were, and how they were trying their best to hide it from us children. To see one's own parents that nakedly frightened shook our world to the foundations, believe me! Both episodes are superb examples of the nightmare undercurrent just below the surface of daily life then. Absolutely agree! It was a perfect ending, one that stays with the viewer & actually has something meaningful to say. Lemmon was superb in SAVE THE TIGER, still one of my favorite "little films" of the past half a century. Not that he didn't deserve more Oscars than he got, and for some of those films you mention! View all replies >