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For years, people speculated that it was either about Warren Beatty or Mick Jagger. Given the fact that Jagger actually sang (uncredited) backing vocals on this's pretty much a one-horse race? Ice-T is in his mid-sixties. Melle Mel is likely older? Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and KRS One must be in their late fifties too? Gangsters Paradise isn't (even by your own description) an entirely new song (hell, it's not even a song) I've been listening to rap music since I was around 9 years old (back in 81-82) I don't need an explanation of what 'Rap Music' is (or isn't) Some of my favourite rappers have all had to pay royalties in the past (even the late, great. Biz Markie eventually had to...resulting in his follow-up album called 'All Samples Cleared') Christ, around 60% of all rappers (favourite or otherwise) owe their careers to the likes of James Brown or Bob James (actual content creators....who deserve every royalty they get) Frank Sinatra was a crooner, who likely paid his writers (or the content creators) for *THEIR* work (not his own) Everytime he brought the house down with 'New York, New York'...Fred Ebb and John Candor were paid accordingly. Sinatra had his fingers in other pies too (so didn't just rely on the works of others) Coolio, on the other hand... Plus (as far as I'm aware?) Sinatra never released a track called 'Gangsters New York' in which he used the hook, structure and general lyrics of 'New York, New York', but added around 60% different lyrics (so I'm baffled as to your comparison of Sinatra recording recognised 'covers' to Coolio's limited would-be re-imaginings?) Little point in going back and forth with this amigo (I need to sleep) I just (sincerely) hope you never have any original content of your own 'stolen, borrowed, sampled or "made new" by lesser talents than yourself (without renumerations for your own initial hard-work and creativity?) 'Gangsters Paradise' samples (not only) the hook of 'Pastime Paradise', but also it's structure and lyrics (Hell, it's title alone is a 50% riff on Wonders title) Take away Stevie Wonders contribution from 'Gangsters Paradise', and you're left with a (largely atrocious) rap song, bereft of music, structure, outright lyrics and even half a title) Coolio didn't do anything (quote) "New" with the original (he just lazily rapped over it) Stevie wonder (or any other content creator) should always get the royalties for *their* creations. Coolio (with his new found fame) had the chance to create something of his own...but even his follow-up stuff were usually just more (lazy) raps over sampled 'Hooks' (from genuine musicians) As long as (quote) 'Boomer' is the polar-opposite' to YOU (and everything you stand for) then I'll take that as a compliment. Care to refute anything that's been said? I hope you're trolling...But I'll play along and explain a few things: Stevie Wonder (sighted or otherwise) is a true musician. He writes, composes and sings. Hos songs have inspired millions (if not billions) His music transcends language, cultural and social barriers...made all the more amazing, given his actual condition..and (as far as I'm aware) he's never had to 'sample' the works (direct or otherwise) from any other artist. He sets standards (without the need to follow them) Coolio was a rapper, who owes his entire career to everything mentioned in the previous paragraph. His 'one-hit-wonder' wasn't particularly innovative (nor revelatory in content) compared to his contemporaries. 'The Message' (by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious five) said everything (and more) than 'Gangsters Paradise' ever could (and had the decency to do it almost fifteen years earlier) Coolio never written anything that would resonate with audiences like Stevie Wonder does (and in all likelihood, Coolio probably couldn't play an instrument either?) Who on earth is *EVER* going to sample Coolio (he had little or no actual content of his own) So, your (frankly, laughable) notion that somehow an actual 'creator' (Wonder) owed Coolio anything (especially given that a third of 'Gangsters Paradises' lyrics are attributed from 'Pastime Paradise') is pathetic. Just as well that Stevie Wonder is black...otherwise (in all likelihood) you'd be pulling your trusty race trying to (unsuccessfully) defend such a 'limited' talent (Coolio) being owed anything by a genuine musician (Wonder) who (in all actuality) gave him his career? Rant over. Yeah...No disrespect to Coolio...but he was an average rapper (at best) who dined-out on this one-hit 'wonder' (pun intended) for over 25 years. Stevie Wonder (allegedly) only granted Coolio the usage of 'Pastime Paradise' on the provision that the profanity was removed and the lyrics toned-down. As it stands, the only track of his that I ever liked was this one (from the 'New Jersey Drive' OST in 1995) Not really a fan of mainstream rap...But R.I.P. to Coolio (nonetheless) You can usually 'leap' into Kowalski...or any member of his (imaginary) family for $5 Congratulations to Charles (on only taking 73 years to get a 'job') His mother's billions now revert to him, whilst his (reported) billion reverts to his son (king in waiting) Great character actor. I gave him a shout-out on Facebook last month (on his Birthday) He's one of those actors that's been in everything, but no-one remembers his name (despite it being quite unique) View all replies >