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Thanks I have not seen it but the review from Tribeca Film Festival was not that great. I wonder why Paramount Pictures have not released it but its probably covid related. No, not literally. Its more of an expose on something that happened 225 years ago ( 1796 ) and still happening today. Life imitates art. Sold! "The Great Red Dragon" The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun. The Woman is ‘Rahab’ – the delusory system of Moral self righteousness and orthodox Religion that is an unconscious projection of the Urizenic brain, the whole idea of holiness or purity that drives so much human conflict. The painting therefore represents “Religion hid in War, a Dragon red & hidden Harlot”. In a word, it’s about what drives Power. What drives Power in todays America? I like it too! Good film. Good director / bad director those terms don’t apply in today’s corporate climate. Michael Chaves was hired cuz he made a few short films that James Wan liked. First time feature director Michael Chaves made over $ 100 mill The Curse of La Llorona on a 9 mill shooting budget. This is the reason he was welcomed back to this film. Send me your email and I will show you a pic to prove it bro! He has been very disrespectful to blacks and Jewish people. He even kicks dogs. He deserves to look old. "Today's shameful decision is yet another example of the UN Human Rights Council's blatant anti-Israel obsession," Israeli Prime Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement accusing the forum of whitewashing "a genocidal terrorist organisation". View all replies >