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Trump’s many gifts to Israel - Joe you need step up! Harvey Weinstein is sick in jail For woman only : Would you have sex with him ? Do as your told, keep your distance & take our vaccine ! Shot in 2018 Robert John Burke Looked insanely overweight in this! What is his stance on Israel ? The was the only one in the "Death Wish" series that did not include a rape scene! This case is crazy – I almost feel sorry for Chris Watts! Has Princess Beatrice gained weight ? View all posts >


Its claimed the budget was $ 27 mill plus. Far from low budget. Shooting overseas is basically “free” compared to the US and permits needed. I suspect this was a money laundering scheme. I liked the idea but the execution of this film was terrible. Now I feel like some Juice. Not many Jews in Hollywood. Yes, it was terrible. He is a rockstar!! He dont need a cellphone. She has been clear that she is skeptical about covid19 and very skeptical to the escalating need for vaccines. She is also skeptical about the news and google/ youtube censorship. However her statements have been retracted or altered or even deleted after posting. She’s frustrated, as soon as she mentions the Jews she is shut down by trolls and media. Jew run Hollywood! She is again taking a covid vaccine. Something that she must do. In Los Angeles 1990/1991/1992 there was a peak in gun crime. This was blamed on movies and several posters was amended. Kuffs received a lot of pushback. Jewish @ bozo_500 Edward Furlong and Jonathan Brandis was never good friends. They did share acquaintances but they never had strong ties. Jonathan Brandis however was in direct competition with Leonardo DiCaprio on multiple projects. He lost out every time. In the end he hated Leonardo DiCaprio and after Romeo & Juliette there was no stopping DiCaprio. View all replies >